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The Gobbler - 9th Annual Thanksgiving Indoor Lacrosse Tournament
November 28, 2015 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM 
Brookfield Indoor Soccer Complex
19485 West Lisbon Road
Brookfield, WI 53045

The Gobbler is an indoor lacrosse tournament with mulitple divisions, including youth, high school and adult levels of play. There will be an open division for women's lacrosse. This one-day event will be held at the Brookfield Indoor Soccer Complex on Saturday, November 28th. It will feature teams from Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota.

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2015 Gobbler

This will be a great opportunity to play lacrosse on the Saturday after Thanksgiving at the Midwest Orthopdeic Sports Complex /Brookfield Indoor Soccer Complex. 
Put together a team  or register individually and be assigned to a team. Register soon.

See schedule tab for game times. Games will be posterd on 11/26.

  • U15 - (6th, 7th & 8th grade) No high school players - four teams
  • High School - four teams
  • Adult - over 18 & post high school  - three/four teams

Youth Divisions*
  • U15  born on or after 9/1/00 (No player currently attending HS )
*Questions? Contact Robin Buckley: 414-333-3049

Approximate Game Times**:
  • Youth: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • HS: 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Adult: 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm 
**Coaches must check-in 45 minutes prior to games. Waivers are due at that time. 
Schedule will be posted the week prior to the tournament.  

Tournament information: 
  •  Each team will play games in their bracket to qualify for the Championship Game. 
  • Indoor/box lacrosse rules - no boarding or cross checking! 
  • No long sticks
  • Five players plus goalie on the field
  • Seventeen player roster maximum
  • Goals are 4' x 4.5' 
  • Indoor/box goalie gear allowed
  • Twenty-five minute games
  • Sign up as a team or individually and be assigned a team. 
  • Concessions available on site.
  • Great Custom Tournament t-shirt available on site through Northwest Designs.
  • Please arrive 45 minutes prior to game time to check-in. Remember to bring your jersey, mouth guard and US Lacrosse Card.
  • Equipment available on site through Hot4Lax Equipment Room
Brookfield Indoor Scoccer Complex
19485 West Lisbon Road
Brookfield, WI 53045


All participants must turn in a signed waiver. These are to be collected by the coaches and turned in to registration table 35 minutes prior to the start of the first game. No individual waivers will be accepted.

Gobbler Waiver and Medical Release

Team Registration

Team Early Bird
 - $465 if registered by 11/1/2015
Team registration - $495 after 11/1/2015
Individual/Free Agent registration - $45.
On-site registration may be allowed for individuals if space is available. 

Team registration must be received by November 16th. See form below.

Click here for online registration

Gobbler Rules

The Gobbler 2015
Thanksgiving Indoor Lacrosse Tournament
Youth Games

  • · Each game will be 25 minutes running time. The last minute will be stop time.
  • · Penalties will be one minute in duration
  • · No back court violation
  • · No shot clock
  • · Rules follow outdoor lacrosse and hockey.
  • · No cross checking or take out checks….NO BOARDING,
  • · No offensive player is allowed in the crease. No contact with the goalie. Player may follow through on a shot through the crease. Diving is allowed as long as there is no contact with the goalie.
  • · Coaches will report scores at the end of the game to the tournament table.
High School  and Men’s Division
  • · Games begin with a face off. There will be a face off after each goal. All players can go anywhere on the field.
  • · Games will be comprised of one period of twenty-five minutes running time.
  • · Each team is allowed one timeout per game – one minutes in duration.
  • · Shot Clock: The offensive team is allowed 30 seconds, once they gain possession, to make a shot on goal (or through the crease). Referee will signal that the shot clock has reset by raising his arm.
  • · Crease play: Goalie and defensemen are allowed to be in the crease area in their defensive zone. The goalie has four seconds to progress the ball from the crease. Offensive players are not allowed to run through the crease. They can follow through the crease on a shot as long as they do not make contact with the goalie at any time.
  • · Penalties will be in one minute increments. A penalty must be served for its duration by the penalized player. If a penalty is released by a goal, the substitute player may enter the game as the penalty is terminated, not the penalized player.
  • · Back court Violation: Once the ball has progressed to the offensive side of the field, the offensive team may not pass or carry the ball to the defensive end. If the ball goes to the defensive end off a shot, it is not a back court violation. If the ball goes to the back court and is in possession, the whistle blows immediately and changes possession. If it is loose (“Lucy”) then a play on occurs.  Ball starts at the point where the ball was at the whistle or laterally from the goal.
  • · Box lacrosse rules will be inforced.
  • · Judgement of the officials is final.