Adult Leagues

MILL Rules & Tips

Regular rules apply except for there is limited contact- No Cross Checking and NO BOARDING- bumping and grinding allowed.
* Ten minute warm up
* Two 20 minute running halves: last two minutes are stop time.
* Five minute half-time
* No Long Poles
* No over and back the midfield line, except on a shot.
* 10 seconds to clear the defensive zone once a team gains possesion.
* Shot Clock: once a team gains possesion they have 20 seconds to get a shot on net/through the crease area.
* No running through the crease by offensive players.
* Penalties are in one minute intervals.
* No contact with goalies.

Playing Tips
*On offense form columns of 2 and 3 on each side of the goal
*Keep the middle open as much as possible
*When picking the ball roll towards the goal
*On defense never let your man beat you up the middle...force him down the sides.
*Take quick hard shifts. If you are on for more than 2 minutes get off! As a general Rule it is up down, up down, and off.      The Pros go up down and off.
* Never substitute on defense.
* Work the ball fast and furious!

Rental Equipment

Do you need up to date lacrosse equipment?
Hot4Lax has rental equipment available for each session. You can rent the entire package or specific gear. Required equipment includes: helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, mouth guard and stick. Suggested equipment: rib pads, cup, shorts and gym/cleats/basketball shoes.
For rental gear, contact Hot4Lax Lacrosse Center at (262) 717-9996. See Rental section on the youth page for pricing and rental form. Security deposits required.