Shoulder Pads

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STX Stallion 50
STX Stallion 50
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GAIT Gunner
GAIT Gunner Great introductory pad with hard shell bicep pad is perfect to deflect cross checks and slashes.
Floating shoulder design increases flexibility without sacrificing protection
Additional protection in the Y-zone provides ultimate protection in the sternum area
Fully adjustable chest straps ensure the right fit every time
Moisture wicking liner material moves moisture away from the skin during use
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STX Stallion 200
STX Stallion 200 Beginner lacrosse shoulder pads that are a big step above the cheap / discount pads at the big box store. These STX beginner pads are really designed for beginners and advancing youth players that are willing to pay up about $10 for much better protection and flexibility. Great over the shoulder caps with plastic ribs for reinforcement. Big, over-sized chest plate with additional sternum pad.

We really love the big extended back coverage as well. Most manufacturers skimp here, but at this age the sticks are flying all over the place and you wnat to get your kid the most coverage possible. Big, fat Velcro adjustment straps lock this pad around the ribs and the additional bicep pads float sown off the shoulders for more slash protection.

The thing that really separated this starter shoulder pad is the size of the neck opening. Most are small and bind the kids when the raise their arms. We chose this STX model because of the wide opening that give better mobility with the helmet on and won't choke your kid out when running and catching.
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STX Cell III Liner
STX Cell III Liner The STX Cell 3 Lacrosse Shoulder Liner is the perfect pad for the player looking for a lightweight advantage. With STX’s exclusive Geo-Flex technology, the Cell 3’s will be able to remain flexible while also producing superior lightweight performance. With their exclusive cardiac silhouette coverage and raised chest plate, the Cell 3’s will sit naturally on your shoulders giving you a relaxed feel. Lastly these shoulder pads have a 7-point stretch zone system that offers a full range of mobility.

SMALL 50 LBS. - 80 LBS. 3'4" - 4'6"
MEDIUM 80 LBS. - 130 LBS. 4'6" - 5'6"
LARGE 130 LBS. - 180 LBS. 5'6" - 5'10"
X-LARGE 180 LBS.+ 5'10" & OVER
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STX Surgeon 500
STX Surgeon 500 Floating chest and spine plates for added protection in key zones, without sacrificing flexibility
Low-profile design offers lightweight protection with a contoured fit
Integrated shoulder caps for additional protection
The zero-interference Overlap Strap System allows for an ultra-custom fit
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Epoch Integra Shoulder Pads
Epoch Integra Shoulder Pads When is the last time you changed your shoulder pads? Take a look at Epoch Lacrosse as they introduce their Integra Shoulder Pads. Epoch's engineers designed their shoulder pads with dual density compression molded foam to have minimal bulk yet effective protection. The shoulder pads feature removable bicep pads with carbon fiber and large Velcro islands for effective fit and adjustment. Epoch wants players to remain protected and safe during practice and game play. That's why Epoch's engineers designed the new Integra Shoulder Pads to have quick release front protection straps for easy AED (Automated External Defibrillator) access. It's time to upgrade. Make sure to check out the Integra Shoulder Pads. Live.Play.Be.

Phase Change Technology:
The next generation in performance textile innovation. This proactive patented technology is engineered to absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort and moisture control. This allows you to perform at your best in all climates - longer.

Flexible Carbon Fiber (Carbitex):
Epoch's engineers incorporated Non-Rigid Stabilized Carbon Fiber into the design for improved protection. This extremely lightweight and "flexible" carbon fiber has improved impact protection and abrasion resistance making Integra the new choice for today's top players.

Compression Molded Dual Density Foam:
This foam reduces the amount of stitching needed on the pad, improving flexibility, movement and protection. From a design standpoint, this also allows Epoch to be more precise in the shape of the pad, giving the Integra Protective Line an overall cleaner, and more precise look.
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Under Armor Revenant Liner
Under Armor Revenant Liner The UA Revenant Speed Shoulder pads come equipped with "Molded Skin" technology for reduced weight and improved flexibility. The added in HeatGear technology that Under Armour is famous for is moisture transport and will keep your pads fresh. Dual-density foam for solid protection. Fully adjustable straps for improved fit and flexibility.
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Maverik Max Speed Pad The MAX Speed Pad provides experienced players with lightweight, comfortable, and protective coverage.
The adjustable COMFORTFIT arch allows players to personalize fit, coverage, and drape.

37.5 liner allows for faster evaporation of sweat.

ANAFORM chest and spine plates are designed to manage high velocity impacts.

DuraStretch panels across the torson allow pads to easily move with the body.

Available sizes: Medium, Large
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Maverik Max EKG Shoulder Pad
Maverik Max EKG Shoulder Pad The Maverik MAX EKG Shoulder Pad offers advanced protection with an ultra-lightweight and comfortable design. The New MAX EKG Shoulder Pad is Maverik’s first offering utilizing new External Kardiac Guard (EKG) meeting the new NOCSAE ND200 Standard to help combat Commotio Cordis. Maverik designed the MAX EKG Shoulder Pad using their traditional fit to create a shoulder pad that is unmatched in its comfort and range of motion. The adjustable COMFORTFIT arch allows the MAX Shoulder Pad to be personalized in fit, coverage and drape. Maverik uses their DuraStretch panels across the torso to allow the pads to move fluidly with the body. The Maverik MAX EKG Shoulder Pad is built with Anaform chest and spine plates that are specifically designed to manage high velocity impact.

- Meets new NOCSAE Standard

- EKG and ND200 help address Commotio Cordis.

- Traditional fit is ideal in comfort and mobility.

- COMFORTFIT allows personalized fit, drape and coverage.

- ANAFORM chest and spine plates manage high velocity hits.

- DuraStretch Panels help the pad move with the body.
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Maverik MAX EKG Speed Pad
Maverik MAX EKG Speed Pad The Maverik MAX EKG Speed Pad is designed to cater to experienced players that need a lightweight, comfortable yet protective shoulder coverage. Maverik addresses advanced protection with the MAX EKG Speed Pad with the External Kardiac Guard (EKG) meeting the new NOCSAE ND200 Standard to help combat Commotio Cordis. The MAX EKG Speed Pad utilizes the COMFORTFIT arch to allow players completely personalized fit and coverage with extreme mobility. The ANAFORM chest and spine plates in the MAX EKG Speed Pad are specifically engineered to manage high velocity checks and hits. The DURASTRETCH panels across the torso were engineered by Maverik to allow the pads to move easily while running up and down the field. QUICKDRY technology in the MAX EKG Speed Pad wicks away moisture on even the hottest days, ensuring you stay cool and dry all game long.

-Meets New NOCSAE ND200 Standard to address Commotio Cordis.

-ANAFORM chest and spine plates help manage high velocity impact.

-DURASTRETCH panels allow the pads to move with the body.

-QUICKDRY technology wicks away moisture.
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Epoch ID Shoulder Pad Shoulder Pad: Engineered For The Pro’s, Built For You.

Designed to grow with you and your game, the iD shoulder pads are engineered for a perfect fit while providing extreme flexibility and sound protection. Inspired by Epoch Athletes, these lightweight shoulder pads do not restrict mobility and are designed for all levels of play. The removable bicep pads allow you to customize your fit and desired performance. In addition, the padded neck liner and reinforced chest plate provide additional protection from blows without sacrificing comfort.
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Under Armour Revenant
Under Armour Revenant A true player's pad.
New adjustable waist strap allows for greater adjustment
Injection molded low profile cap for lightweight and low profile protection
Injection molded sternum pad
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STX Cell IV Shoulder Pad
STX Cell IV Shoulder Pad The new STX® Cell IV Lacrosse Shoulder Pads are 25% lighter than the best selling Cell 3 shoulder pads because it contains GeoFlex II™ Technology. This technology provides players with optimal flexibility and support. The STX Cell IV padding series is renowned for a "soft" and supple feel that gives players lots of protection and comfort. More and more players on the offensive side of the field are opting for a bit more protection, carbon shafts and stiffer defensive heads are making attackman and middies think twice before shedding all that padding.

The STX Cell 4 shoulder pads also have new and improved "stretch zones." These places where the pads come together have a flexible mesh membrane that lets the pads float around and adjust to your body as you move. Nice, big quality rib straps with velcro adjustments on the cell pads. These, once again. hit our TOP TEN LIST for 2018. Priced at $130 they are at the higher end of the shoulder pad spectrum, but for players and parents who want to put their players in a high-quality collegiate and big school level pad - the STX Cell 4 series is as good as it gets.

You will also notice that the big time travel team players in lower grades wear the smaller sized Cell 4 shoulder pads as well. The are the best pads on the market by far for the advanced youth players. On the other end, if you are a big boy, STX also is one of the only manufacturers that makes high end shoulder pads in XL too. These are also the best XL lacrosse shoulder pads on the market.