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Swax Lax Ball
Swax Lax Ball Lacrosse Training Balls Sold as (1) Single Ball
Training balls are specially constructedto mimic the exact dimensions of a regulation weight lacrosse ball
The ball is highly durable and shock absorbent, and it's suitable for shooting at high speeds
Weight : 142 to 145 grams
Diameter: 64 mm
Colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple, Orange, Silver, Red/white/blue
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Colored lacrosse balls
Colored lacrosse balls Colored lacrosse balls are great for lacrosse, juggling and play around.
These are certified balls.
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Lax Clock 4 with Case
Lax Clock 4 with Case The Lax Clock III is the portable score board. This is a must for ever organization and scoreres box.
The Lax Clock is a hand held score board that allows a score keeper and timer to keep track of the score, game time, multiple penalty times and provide a horn for end of period or substitutions.
Water proof carrying case is included for the arly spring days.
Clack takes two 9 volt and three AA bateries.
It makes keeping and time a breeze.
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Lacrosse Balls - Dozen
Lacrosse Balls - Dozen One dozen lacrosse balls with NOCSAE/SEI stamp.
Colors: Orange, Yellow, White
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Case of NOCSAE lacrosse balls(120)
Case of NOCSAE lacrosse balls(120) Ten dozen Signature lacrosse balls (120). These are NOCSAE approved.
NOCSAE certification is necessary for all balls used in youth, high school and college lacrosse games.
Colors: White, orange or yellow.

*There is a shipping charge for these balls as they are heavyweight shipping - 45 lbs.*
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STX Pocket Pounder
STX Pocket Pounder To break in your stick - Pound the pocket!
Save your hands by using this ball mounted on a 10" shaft.
A must have for all players that string their own sticks.
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End zone Pylon's
End zone Pylon's Set of four end zone pylons. Pylon's are soft foam with an orange vinyl cover and weighted at the bottom. These can be used to mark the corners, midfield and substitution box. Highly visible and compressable.
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Bow Net Bow Crease
Bow Net Bow Crease When you can't paint or chalk and you have 30 seconds to spare... pop out the Bownet Crease. Comes with its own carrying case, free weights and stakes. This crease is a plyable circle that measures 9' radius or 18' diameter. Us the ground weights on turf field and the stakes on the grass to secure to the ground surrounding the goal.
The crease folds in half four times to fit in a 2.25' carrying case.
This is perefct for the youth fields and setting up sideline games.
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Disc Cones
Disc Cones Packet of twenty-five disc cones for lacrosse drills and outlining your field during practice.Perfect for outlining crease, setting up roll back drills and alley work.
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Deluxe Flip Score
Deluxe Flip Score Display the score from accross the field with this portable flip score board. Timing table can display the score so parents on the other side can keep track. Home and away are in different colors.
Includes score and quarter.
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9" Field Cones Set of seven cones for the corners, midfield and substitution box.