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STX Stallion SC-TI - On Sale
STX Stallion SC-TI - On Sale Heavy duty Scandium and Titanium mix will give the players a durable tool to do the dirty work.
Combine this with the Stallion head and you have work horse. Perfect for midfielders.
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STX Alliance VFT
STX Alliance VFT The all new Alliance VFT handle is engineered with Variable Flex Technology™. Like all STX products, this responsive and snappy handle is inspired by the player, and features a targeted, raised 3D grip for players who are looking for advanced control.
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Epoch ID Epoch Lacrosse is proud to introduce Dragonfly iD to the masses. Made in USA, the Dragonfly iD shares the same DNA as the industry leading Dragonfly composite shafts. Built for the pros but designed for you, join the carbon fiber revolution with the Dragonfly iD and elevate your game today. Dragonfly iD is designed and recommended for the 14U youth player.

Generation: Dragonfly iD
Position: Attack/ Midfield
Length: 30 inch
Geometry: Concave
Material: Composite/Carbon Fiber
Flex: iQ5 (mid-flex)
Top Coat: Slip/Grip
Release Point: Uniform
Technology Platform: ACL
Warranty: 6 months
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Epoch Integra 2
Epoch Integra 2 Dragonfly Integra 2 C30

The Dragonfly Integra 2 by Epoch Lacrosse is designed for the advancing player looking to upgrade from an alloy to carbon fiber lacrosse shaft. Hand crafted for the most dynamic player, Integra 2 features the same technology you expect from the Dragonfly name. Proven at the highest level of the game, the Dragonfly Integra 2 shaft holds a proud spot within our Integra collection of equipment. The Dragonfly Integra 2 comes in your favorite geometry, C30, and flex options iQ5 and iQ9. Epoch’s standard concave shaft offers a familiar feel for players looking to add some new technology to their game. Proudly made in the USA.
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STX Hammer 500 225 Composite Defense - $20 off Constructed with lightweight, high-strength carbon composite for flex without bend
Optimized 225 flex level for the defensive player
Traditional octagon profile for better control when checking
Targeted grip texture designed specifically for the defenseman
New, longer-lasting tactile finish for additional control
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Epoch Dragonfly Gen 9 30
Epoch Dragonfly Gen 9 30" Carbon fiber shaft with great flex and grip. Four different contoured shaft styles to choose from - Old School, New School, concave and Flip grip(E30)

Color: grey. Limited edition colors available.

Different flex options.
IQ 5 is a medium flex. This is great all over the field.
IQ 9 is a soft flex. This is good for quick release and wrist shots on the crease or within ten yards.Ideal for lighter weight players

**One year warranty**
Our most popular Dragonfly is a favorite of players at the highest level of the game. The standard concave shaft offers a familiar feel for player looking to add some new technology to their game.

Generation: 2018 Gen.9
Position: Attack/ Midfield
Length: 30”
Geometry: Concave(C),
Material: Composite/Carbon Fiber
Flex: iQ5 & iQ9
Top Coat: Slip/Grip
Release Point: Uniform
Technology Platform: A.C.L. with Axis Technology
Reload Technology: Yes
Warranty: 1-Year
Available in Carbon Gray or White
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The new Z70 OCS handle is built for the all-around competitive player. Our lightweight Z70 alloy, paired with our Patented OCS (Optimized Cross Section) profile, provides an excellent strength to weight ratio while enhancing durability and feel. Our grit-grip finish will stand up to the test in all weather conditions.
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STX Shift SC-TI Shift Profile - innovative flip handle with two grip options.

Ultra-light Sc-Ti alloy withstands intense play.

Max sandblast finish for secure grip in all conditions.
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Under Armour 1X Strong 1X-7068 alloy provides extreme durability.

Strong scalloped shape for better grip and control.

Sandblasted finish for enhanced feel.
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Under Armour Grip
Under Armour Grip Built with new strategic diamond grip pattern that maximizes grip where you need it
Extreme scalloped profile imrpoves strengths, feel and control
Comes with new adjustable end cap
SC-Ti Pro Alloy provides extreme durability
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Under Armor Mesa Continue peppering the net with lethal strikes in the attacking zone as you light up the score sheet this season with the Under Armour® Charge Meso Composite Lacrosse Shaft. The Charge Meso features a full grit finish, boasting solid grip no matter the weather conditions, while its excellent strength-to-weight ratio helps execute quick shots with consistency.
Balanced Design for Offensive-Minded Players
Optimal strength-to-weight ratio delivers consistent power without adding excess weight
Full grit finish provides a textured feel to maximize grip
Clean, refined monochromatic look
Additional Details
Position: Attacking, Midfield
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STX Surgeon SC-TI - 2016
STX Surgeon SC-TI - 2016 Scandium and titanium shaft allows an attackman to threat the needle and and slice through opponent faster than a surgeons scalpel. Combine this shaft with a Surgeon head, the goals and assist will keep coming.
Light weight and extremely durable.
$199.99 Freight charge applies due to the weight of the item.

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Epoch Dragonfly  Gen 7 Defense
Epoch Dragonfly Gen 7 Defense Redefining how a d-pole should perform. This 60” shaft features lightweight design, unmatched durability and extreme flex capabilities. The true concave geometry is a popular choice for top-level players.

Generation: Gen.7
Position: Defense/LSM
Length: 60”
Geometry: True Concave
Material: Composite/Carbon Fiber
MSRP: $199.99
Flex iQ: 5/8
Release Point: Uniform
Technology Platform: A.C.L. with Axis Technology
Reload Technology: Yes
Warranty: 1-Year
Cosmetics: Naked
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Gait Scandal
Gait Scandal This Scandium attack shaft is extremely light weight with a smooth shiny finish. Its a stickhandlers dream!
**Feather weight Shaft**
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Gait SC55
Gait SC55 Scandium Shaft with great strength to weight ratio. Grip finish in key areas.
Old school grip.
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Gait STi90
Gait STi90 Titanium shaft that will endure all. Heavy duty shaft in a moderate weight. If you break the lighter ones, this will be a real challange.
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STX Shift OG
STX Shift OG The first shaft of its kind - two shapes in one handle.
  • Shift design delivers the best of both worlds; the classic octagon shape on the bottom half and teardrop on the top half

  • Provides maximum comfort, control, and maneuverability when cradling and switching hands
COLORS: Platinum

SIZES: Attack