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Viking Paddle Bag
Viking Paddle Bag These backpacks are designed in the shape of a traditional tennis bag. This unique silhouette features four great compartments including: racquet, shoe, key/phone and a main compartment with four internal pouches. It also features foam racquet protection, dirt resistant nylon, ergonomic straps and zipper pulls.
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Viking Re-Ignite
Viking Re-Ignite Known for its super oversized expanded hitting surface and ultra-soft feel, this paddle is one of the most popular paddles in the game for recreational or top tournament play. Constructed of low-density foam with some added weight for extra pop on the ball.
Power Rating: 8
Weight: 385g/13.5oz
Balance: Even
Core Density: Low
Surface Area: 92"
Material: EVA Foam Graphite
Beam: 19 mm
Overall Length: 18"
Grip: Dura Soft
Grip Size: 4 1/4
Handle Length: Standard
Extra Holes: N/A
Silencer Dampener: N/A
Carbon Mesh Rim: Yes
Triple Threat: N/A
Surface Feature: Max Grit
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Wilson Xcel Smart
Wilson Xcel Smart The Xcel Smart combines smaller head size for maximum maneuverability with the smart foam density which allows
for a more cushioned feel when needed.

Basalt fibers are woven longitudinally with (K)arophite BLack filtering unwanted extrememe frequency and
delivering a clean feedback with better sensation and the perfect feel.

Smart Density utilizes two distinct EVA foam densities in one paddle. Smart Density occurs when the paddle
responds to the speed of the ball hit on the paddle face. Your swing and impact can generate more power as
Smart Density responds. The Smart Density core allows for more cushioned feel when needed.

Advanced hole drilling process provides increased bite on all hits.

Wilson tripled the amount of grit on the paddle surface of all of our paddles for increased control and feel of
the ball. Extra Bite.

Weight: 370 g
Grip: 4 1/4
Density: Smart
-No Grit Zone
-Killer Grit
-Sharp Hole Technology
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Wilson Big Stick The new Big Stick is a platform paddle powerhouse. Wilson engineers combined an oversize head shape design with a slightly heavier weight profile. The result is a paddle that delivers raw power shot after shot. Let your game do the talking. Speak softly and carry a Big Stick.

• Basalt
• No Grit Zone
• Killer GritTM
• Cutting Edge Construction
• Sharp Hole Technology
• Bottle Opener

GRIP: 4.25
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Viking Oz
Viking Oz Carrying over to 2017, the 2016 OZ Paddle MaxGrit features MaxGrit extra durable grit surface for longer lasting wear. As in prior versions, the Viking OZ also features Viking’s Carbon Mesh rim and a firmer density core material, both for more power and feel. Designed for more experienced players, this stable, hard hitting paddle provides the power needed for competitive play.

Weight: 13.8 oz.
Core Density: Mid+
Length: 18”
Beam: 19 mm
Head Surface Size: 85 Sq. In.
Grip Sizes Available: 4-1/4
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Viking Ozone Pro
Viking Ozone Pro Designed with an extra length handle which makes it easy to get two hands on the grip. The O-Zone allows players to drive the ball from anywhere on court and get extra snap on serves and overheads. The most popular paddle at 2013-2014 Nationals and the choice of 2013 and 2014 National Champions Johan Du Randt, Mark Parsons, Viki Stoklasova and Ana Brzova.
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Viking Ozone Ultra
Viking Ozone Ultra A carry over for the 2017 season, the Viking O-Zone ULTRA 2016 paddle is designed for players seeking ultra-maneuverability. This paddle features MaxGrit, a special very gritty surface treatment for a longer lasting grit surface. A featherweight with a Viking’s softest core for arm comfort, ball control and shot making accuracy. Extra long grip is great for two-handed play or choking up on the grip. The lightest member of the O-Zone paddle family.
Helpful Hint: Although this is the lightest O-Zone paddle in actual weight, its swing weight (has to do with the distribution of the weight and the effort required to swing it) is actually a smidge higher than the O-Zone Lite. So if maneuverability is your chief driver, we suggest the O-Zone Lite. If you like the idea of the softer core for accuracy and comfort, we suggest this one, the O-Zone Ultra.
Color: Blue/White
Power Rating: 7
Weight: 350g/12.2oz
Blance: Even
Core Density: Low
Surface Area: 82"
Material: EVA Foam Graphite
Beam: 19 mm
Overall Length: 18"
Grip: Dura Soft
Grip Size: 4 1/4
Handle Length: Long
Extra Holes: Yes
Silencer Dampener: Yes
Carbon Mesh Rim: N/A
Triple Threat: N/A
Surface Feature: Max Grit

The Viking O-Zone family of paddles has grown. We’re here to help clarify the differences between models.
All of the O-Zones have a mid head size (smaller). They all have the tapered throat so that you can more easily choke up on the handle if desired. They vary by weight and density of the core.
O-Zone – medium density, heaviest of the O-Zones
O-Zone Pro – medium density, medium weight
O-Zone Lite – medium density, lighter in weight than the standard O-Zone
O-Zone Ultra – low density (softest), lightest in weight
Beyond that, you’ll see different colors from the different seasons, and the ones that mention MAXGRIT in the title feature a new surface treatment for 2016 for a longer lasting grit, even in wet conditions.
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Viking Re-ignite Ultra
Viking Re-ignite Ultra Carrying over for 2017 is the 2016 Viking Re-Ignite Ultra MaxGrit has a super gritty surface treatment. This paddle follows in the family of previous Re-Ignite models. The ultra is the lightest of the Re-Ignite family. Re-ignites are known for their great control for net play and easy to find sweet spot in an over sized head. These characteristics are taken to a whole new level with the use of an even lower density foam and the addition of a ”Silencer” Dampener for a softer feel. Given that this paddle also boasts the maximum number of holes allowed, it feels more maneuverable than other oversize paddles swing after swing. Ultra light, ultra cushy, ultra comfortable!
Weight: 12.6 oz. / 360 grams
Core Density: Low
Length: 18”
Beam: 19 mm
Head Surface Size: 92 square inches
Grip Size: 4-1/4 inch
Replaces: the 2015 Re-Ignite Ultra with SpinTex grit
Color: Black / Red OR White / Gray / Purple
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Wilson Juice Pro
Wilson Juice Pro Attention advanced playersl Wilson presents the new Juice Pro. the platform paddle you've been asking for. Engineered with our exclusive Pro Density foam. the Juice Pro plays slightly heavier at 385 grams for a rock solid feeL The control is incredible. The accuracy is pinpoint Step up to the new Juice Pro... before your opponent does.

• Basalt
• Pro Foam
• No Grit Zone
• Killer Grit
• Cutting Edge Construction
• Sharp Hole Technology
GRIP:4.25 or4.5
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Wilson Juice Lite
Wilson Juice Lite The Wilson Juice Lite platform tennis paddle is 10 grams lighter than the regular Juice for a great mixture of maneuverability and control. BLX Technology gives you the enhanced feel and strength needed to play the game at a high level. An exceptionally comfortable No Grit Zone protects your fingers from grit irritation so you can play harder and safer.

BLX Technology delivers a clean feedback for the perfect feel
Basalt Fibers are woven with [K]arophite Black filtering unwanted frequency and delivering a clean feedback with better sensation
Sharp Hole Technology features an advanced hole drilling process providing increased bite on all your hits
Killer Grit Technology is the increased amount of grit on the paddle surface giving you increased control and feel

Weight 370g
Density Lite
Head Size: 516 cm / 80 sq in
Grip: 4 1/4" and 4 1/2"
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Wilson Ultra Lite
Wilson Ultra Lite The Ultra Lite paddle was specifically designed for a fiercely competitive player that enjoys a larger sweet spot in an oversize head. Our patented Lite Density foam construction creates this exeptionally powerful, lightweight paddle that's hard on the ball, but soft on your arm.

• Basalt
• Lite Foam
• No Grit Zone
• Killer GritTM
• Cutting Edge Construction
• Sharp Hole Technology
• Bottle Opener

GRIP: 4.125
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Wilson Rak Pack One of our most popular bags because of the great size and shape. It can be carried with the traditional straps or shoulder straps.