Box Lacrosse

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Gait 705 Lacrosse shaft
Gait 705 Lacrosse shaft Product Features
-ITEM #: 70512-A
-High-strength alloy with partial decal finish
-Extremely lightweight
-Scandium-enhanced for durability
-Available colors: black, red and royal
- 32" long
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Epoch Dragon Fly  - C32B - Only 2 left
Epoch Dragon Fly - C32B - Only 2 left C32B – Box
Developed for the Box player, the 32B offers a stiffer construction that is 2” longer and designed to give/receive more abuse.
Generation: Gen.4
Position: Box
Length: 32”
Geometry: Concave
Material: Composite/Carbon Fiber
MSRP: $130
Flex: iQ2
Top Coat: Slip/Grip
Release Point: Uniform
Technology Platform: A.C.L. with Axis Technology
Reload Technology: Yes
Warranty: 1-Year
Available in Carbon Gray
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Gait Intrepid Bicep Pad
Gait Intrepid Bicep Pad Product Features
?Hard plastic biceps pad
?Velcro attachment for easy attachment
?Velcro biceps strap easily secures pad to arm
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Gait Intrepid Rib pads
Gait Intrepid Rib pads Plastic shell rib pads with shoulder straps. Pads can be adjusted.
These rib pads are light weight and a must for the physical nature of indoor lacrosse. These can be used for outdoor lacrosse as well. Protect your solarplexes from the wrath of the defense.
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Gait G7 Senior box face mask
Gait G7 Senior box face mask Product Features
Meets CSA and CLA standards.
Strategic bar placement for maximum vision.
Enhanced design profile has increased facial coverage.
Integrated Soft Chin Cup (not shown)
Signature Gait® Profile.
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Gait G7 Pro Face Mask
Gait G7 Pro Face Mask Product Features
?Designed for junior, senior and pro players only
?Designed not to hinge
?Custom colors available, contact Gait® Team Dealer for additional costs and lead time information
?Signature Gait® Profile
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Under Armour Face Mask
Under Armour Face Mask Features:
Meets CLA standards
Pro-style eye openings improve vision
Comes with hard chin cup for ultimate protection