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ECD Hero Strings
ECD Hero Strings True lacrosse sidewalls engineered for superior stringing and pocket design. Tightly woven sidewall strings using LockTec create superior knot retention for increased pocket consistency. Plastic tips allow for easy stringing on any head with out the hassle of sidewall string not threading through the head. Superior shooting strings made from durable yet soft materials for the ultimate release while shooting and passing. All materials are woven with hydrophobic for performance in any weather.

Weatherproof – HeroStrings are woven with a hydrophobic fiber, allowing them to stand up to extreme weather conditions.

LockTec – Our textured strings feature LockTec, which keeps knots tight and maintains sidewall tension.

Durable – All HeroStrings are made with abrasion resistant fibers for maximum durability and increased longevity.

3 Shooting Strings
2 Shooting Nylons
5 Sidewall Strings
1 Self-tapping screw

HeroStrings are made with pride in the United States. Powered by Jimalax.
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ECD Hero Mesh 2.0 - Striker
ECD Hero Mesh 2.0 - Striker ECD Hero 2.0 Zone Striker builds on the success of previous performance mesh by East Coast Dyes with new channel technology and improved construction for added precision, consistency and control. However, this Hero 2.0 Zone Striker is a limited edition color way special for Hero 2.0 and actually displays ECD's new Innegra Fibers. East Coast Dyes incorporated new ZoneTech in Hero 2.0 mesh by adding a new Innegra Fiber combined with LTH fibers to help channel your pocket. The Innegra Fiber is the lightest fiber in the world and is woven tightly in the outer diamonds of Hero 2.0 creating a more ridged and consistent channel. While the outer diamonds remain slightly more ridged with the Innegra fibers, ECD uses their LTH fibers in the center of the mesh for a more channeled pocket with a softer feel and responsive touch. The combination of these fibers in ZoneTech brings two unique performance traits to one piece of mesh and helps funnel the ball to the pocket channel. Your Hero 2.0 pocket will feel lighter and bag out less with Innegra fibers, while LTH fibers bring a responsive touch and targeted performance to your pocket. True to East Coast Dyes beginning promise of weatherproof performance mesh, Hero 2.0 uses entirely hydrophobic fibers for a consistent performance you can rely on in any weather.

- ZoneTech utilizes Innegra Fibers and LTH Fibers to funnel balls to your channel for more accurate, consistent and controlled play.

- The worlds lightest fiber; Innegra is used on the outer diamonds to bring a ridged and less elastic funnel to your pockets channel.

- LTH Fibers are concentrated and strategically placed in the center channel for a softer touch and responsive feel.

- True to East Coast Dyes style, Hero 2.0 is entirely hydrophobic keeping your pocket waterproof and letting you play in any weather.

- Made in the USA
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ECD Hero Mesh 3.0
ECD Hero Mesh 3.0 ECD's most consistent piece of mesh with that just-right kind of feel. A.K.A. their best mesh yet.
Innegra Core Weave: This new weave adds more Innegra fibers to the mesh's core, leading to a 10% improvement in bagging resistance. A.K.A. your pocket is going to stay the same longer.
Repel+ Coating: Our new Repel+ Coating sheds away 10X more water. Rainy days may mean soggy socks, but at least your pocket will stay dry.
Lighter Weight: An increase of Innegra in Hero3.0 also leads to a 27% weight reduction, making this a seriously lightweight piece of mesh.
Textured LTH Fibers: The LTH Fibers are now textured before the mesh is made, which adds even more feel to your pocket
Made in the USA: One of the most popular pockets in lacrosse, ready to go right off the shelf. You have never felt control like this.
Key features
10X Increased Water Repellency
27% Lighter Weight
10% Improved Resistance to Bagging
Made in the U.S.A.
String King Player String Kit Sidewall - 4
Shooting string - 3
Shooting cord - 2
Bottom lace -1
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String King Mesh 4S StringKing Type 4 Semi-Soft and Semi-Hard Lacrosse Mesh delivers lightweight responsive performance to player’s pockets elevating shot speed, control and feel. Type 4 mesh is available in two distinct feels offered in both 4S Semi-Soft and 4X Semi-Hard delivering a perfect match for any players style. StringKing introduces new Tri-Twist technology with Type 4 Mesh by twisting three unique fibers into a single construction before weaving into mesh making it the most advanced mesh ever produced. This new advanced process increased texture and reduces weight producing added control and faster shot speed. Type 4 Mesh is woven with a slightly thinner construction throughout the center channel to help create a natural sweet spot and enhanced ball security. Weighing only 17 grams, Type 4 mesh is lighter, thinner and more responsive than any previous mesh from StringKing brining you unmatched performance.

- Available in two distinctive pocket feels to match any players preference:

- 4S provides a semi-soft pocket for players wanting a more responsive feel.

- 4X offers a Semi-Hard pocket option creating a firmer pocket with a smooth release.

- New Tri-Twist technology twists three unique fibers into a single construction before weaving into a mesh piece increasing pocket texture while reducing weight.

- Thinner center weave throughout the mesh offers naturally focused channel and sweet spot delivering more control.

- Type 4 mesh is lighter and thinner than any previous StringKing performance mesh weighing only 17 grams.

- Backed by StringKing's 6 month durability guarantee.
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STX Pocket Pounder
STX Pocket Pounder To break in your stick - Pound the pocket!
Save your hands by using this ball mounted on a 10" shaft.
A must have for all players that string their own sticks.
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String King 4F Stringking 4F mesh is made with their best selling Tri-twist patters that gives better grip on the ball and weighs only 14 grams. Game balls really stick to this mesh and it feels like the new weave is really grabbing on to the new rubber. This 4F is specifically made for face off guys that want that "stickyness" feel on the clamp.
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String King Goalie String Kit
String King Goalie String Kit All the same benefits of StringKing Performance Strings and Shooters in sizes made specifically for goalies.


4 Sidewall Strings
1 Bottom Lace
3 Shooting Laces
2 Shooting Cords

Why String King Strings?

Made from weatherproof materials, the strings will never stretch, shrink or loosen overtime regardless of conditions. The shooters are meticulously engineered to melt into your pocket, helping to consistently guide the ball through your channel and create a smooth bump in your release.
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String King Grizzly Mesh StringKing Grizzly 1X Goalie Mesh brings a semi-hard feel to the most popular 12 diamond goalie mesh on the market. StringKing designed Grizzly 1X to be the premier choice for goalies who love laser sharp outlet passes with an ultra light feel. Grizzly 1X goalie mesh uses a unique hybrid yarn construction to create an ultra light and durable 12 diamond goalie mesh with increased rebound control, more accurate passes and a superior light weight feel. This is StringKing's first semi-hard goalie mesh and is a top level performer bringing goalies a brand new option to choose from.

- 12 diamond construction

- Hybrid yarn material creates super durable and ultra light weight build in Grizzly 1X

- Semi-hard feel gives a more consistant pocket for sharp outlet passes.

- All weather proof