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Gloves Gloves come in various sizes - 8", 10", 12", 13", 13.5". Gloves should be fitted to the players hand based on their palm and finger length. Having room to grow may be good for the long term, but is not a good thing as a player is learning the game. Very important to make sure that the gloves fit the player now since everything is based on the hands and stick.
Deposit - $35
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Arm Pads
Arm Pads Arm or elbow pads come in broad range of sizes and styles but all serve the same premise. They are there to protect the elbow and the area between the glove and shoulder pad. Material can consist of a small sleeve of protection that many defensemen like, to full arm protection with high definition polymers that attckmen will use to deflect the checks from an aggrevated defenseman.
Deposit - $35
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Shoulder Pads
Shoulder Pads Shoulder pads come in four basic sizes: youth(XS), small, medium and large. Most shoulder pads have a chest pad, shoulder caps and arm sleeves that cover the bicep. They meet with the arm pad to create seemless level of protection up and down the arm. Some players prefer less protection to create greater flexibility. The bruises are like war wounds. They make for great stories.
Deposit -$35
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Cascade CS/Brine/Strike
Cascade CS/Brine/Strike Basic lacrosse helmet will include the Cascade CS, STX Stallion 100 or Brine. Perfect helmet for youth players just starting out.
Size: 19 3/8" to 21 1/4"
Security deposit of $85.
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STX Stallion 100 The Stallion 100 helmet is designed for the youth player dedicated to developing his game. The helmet blends EVA foam protection and a unique liner to provide safety and comfort where it's needed most.

ABS Shell
The ABS material used in the Stallion 100 incorporates impact modifiers within the plastic for added strength.

EVA Comfort Liner
Unique molded design provides an added layer of cushioning for more protection.

EPP Liner
The EPP liner provides consistent coverage throughout the helmet.

Elastic Adjustability System
Built-in elastic straps allow for proper fit over a wide range of sizes.

Adjustable EVA Jaw Pads
The jaw pads incorporate TPU cushioning for impact absorption. The jaw pad is offered in multiple sizes for a customized fit.
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Cascade CPX/CPV - intermediate level
Cascade CPX/CPV - intermediate level Intermediate level: Cascade - CPro/CPX/CPV/CLH2), Warrior Pro Z. This is for the youth and high school players that does not want to buy a helmet but still wants the goods. Sizes will be head size specific but are adjustable (XS, S/M, M/L)
Size: 22" to 25"
Secutity deposit of $100.
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Cascade CPXR/R
Cascade CPXR/R The CPXR is an evolution from Cascade's popular CPX helmet.
One size fits most - 22 3/8" to 23 5/8"
Adjustable one-size fits most players and allows for easy adjustments between XS and XL
A SevenTech Liner System channels energy from a direct impact, reducing the potential for concussions. Inside the shell is an adjustable fit system with the adjustment gear in the back of the helmet.
This is a top end helmet.
Deposit : $125