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The Brewtown Showdown for 2022 is planned for August 3rd
The Brewtown Showdown, a.k.a is also known as the Milwaukee Lacrosse Festival is entering its twentieth year.  This is a wonderful tournament atmosphere with lacrosse players, outfitters, concessions, competitive games, fun times and awards for the victors. 

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What's the story of the Brewtown Showdown?

2022 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Milwaukee Lacrosse Festival - Brewtown Showdown
The Brewtown Showdown was started in 1999 as men's tournament in order to bring teams from nearby regions together to play against the newly established Milwaukee Lacrosse Team. There were six teams involved in the first year with teams coming from Chicago, Michigan and even Toronto. We held the first youth game with what later became players that established the Verona and University School teams.

Over the years we have added a youth component in conjunction with the Milwaukee Area Youth Lacrosse Association and most recently the girl's high school portion. It is truely a festival atmoshpere. 
Play hard, have fun and honor the game!

Game Format 
Games will start Saturday morning at 8:00 AM and run all day until 6:00 PM. This will be a two day event this year.

  • Games will consist of two 22 minute running halves
  • Five minutes at half time
  • One 60 second timeout per game
  • Penalties start on the restart whistle when the player is in the box
  • Each team will play a minimum of four games 
  • Award will be given to top team

2022 Divisional fees


The lacrosse will be divided as follows: 

  • Men's - High School Senior, College club, post-college club & Masters divsion
  • High School - High School A & B
  • Youth - U14, U12, U10
  • Women's - Adult - High school and post high school
  • High School - one divsion
  • Youth - U14, U12
The team deposit will be $400 due at registration. This is non-refundable unless the division is cancelled.

Balance is due by July 12th. 
*Entry fee on July 1st will increase by $100 for unpaid balance.*
  • Youth Division - $995
  • High School division - $1250
  • Adult division - $1250
Team Balance can be paid by check and mailed to:
Hot4Lax Lacrosse Center
21675 Doral Road, Unit A
Waukesha, WI 53186

Questions about the event, please call 262-717-9996.

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