Training Camp starts January 4th

Lacrosse lessons and training at the Hot4Lax Training Center! 

Learn the game of lacrosse by mastering all the skills necessary to develop a strong foundation. This is perfect for newer players to master the skills, and experienced players to have individualized attention. Work with a coach 1-on-1 or in a small group setting. Coaches will work with players on specific skills and team concepts you don't get in your regular practice sessions. 

Players can work on lacrosse specific skills combined with a weekly lacrosse workout. Hot4Lax provides a preseason lacrosse training program to build the strength, confidence and knowledge to cut, feed, dodge, and shoot without hesitation. Define your rhythm, game and field sense.
Take your Lax game further than you ever thought possible! 

Training includes:

  • Stick work - throwing, catching, cradling with both hands
  • Dodging - what dodges when
  • Shooting style - Room & time, on the run, inside finishing
  • Angles of approach 
  • Goalie play

Group & Private lessons are scheduled in thirty, sixty and ninety minute sessions:
  • Monday- By appointment
  • Tuesday: 2:00 PM to  7:00 PM ,
  • Wednesday: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 2:00 - 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM 
  • Saturday mornings: 8:00 AM to Noon
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Please call if you have specific requirements.  Rolling admission is based on availability.
Students can enroll in single, five, ten or fifteen class increments. 
Winter Pricing (per class): 
  • Private - $35/65/90
  • Two per group - $50 each/hr
  • Three per group -$45 each/hr
  • Four per group - $39 each/hr

Multi-pack packages offer additional discounts: 
  • 5-pack (5 -1 hr lessons) - $310
  • 10-pack (10 hours of training) - $599
Hot4Lax Lacrosse Center
21675 Doral Road. Suite A
Waukesha, WI 53186
(262) 717-9996

The Hot4Lax training facility has an indoor turf field and outdoor grass mini field.  Please bring full equipment for all sessions.
For details call 262-717-9996.

Field Rental

The Training are can be reserved in 30 minute segments when there are not programs going on.
The turfed training area can be divided into three seperate bays for shooting and wall ball. Barrier wall nets will be set up to seperate sections.
Materials available for use:

  • Balls
  • Goals
  • Barrier net
  • Shooting Gun
  • ladders/ hurdles
  • Targets
Full Field 
  • $36 for 30 minutes
  • $72 per hour 
Half Field
  • $20 for 30 minutes
  • $36 per hour
Shooting bay(1/3 of court)
  • $14 for 30 minutes
  • $24 per hour 
Reservations are encouraged and take priority. All items must be returned by the end of the session including picking up all balls. Running over scheduled time does incur additional field rental time (1.5 x five minute increments).