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Champion Pro Lacrosse Goal - LNGLPRO
Champion Pro Lacrosse Goal - LNGLPRO The high-quality official size Champion Sports Pro High School Lacrosse Goal is a favorite among high school lacrosse programs. Constructed with heavy duty powder-coated steel tubing and individually welded lacing rails, the lacrosse goal is made to withstand rough play and hard hits. Easy to set-up, it includes a lacrosse net for serious game-play. Heavy-duty 1-3/4 inch D x 1-1/2 millimeter powder-coated steel tubing. Includes 5 mm White lacrosse net - Dimensions: 6 x 6 feet
6' x 6' x 7'
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Maverik Axiom with String King Mesh pocket
Maverik Axiom with String King Mesh pocket The Maverik Axiom composite complete women's lacrosse stick with vertex pocket was buiolt for the attackman. There is a minimum legal pinched face shape that channels the balls to the sweet spot for a quick release on the move. The scoop shape is optimized for accurate passing and shooting. The shielded sidewall and scoop holes protect the stringing from wear and tear. The stiff sidewall design delivers greater energy transfer during shooting. This complete stick comes with the brand new Axiom composite shaft and is strung with a String King mesh pocket, by Maverik. The pocket offers a high hold with a molded sweet spot which maximizes hold and increases ball control. Super light so you can pass, shoot and dodge and be a triple threat on the field.
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Maverik Mini Monster Bag
Maverik Mini Monster Bag The perfect bag for kids with big game in a little body.

Heavy duty construction with reinforced handles.

15"H x 25"W x 15"D
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Rage Cage 5' x 5' Goal Rage Cage Lacrosse 5x5 Goal - 3mm net. Square welded corners. ShotBlocker included....
Smaller goal for smaller players. Great portability to take to the park.
This goal collapses to go in your car or easy storage and reassembles in seconds,
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STX Cell III - Arm Guards - 23% off
STX Cell III - Arm Guards - 23% off STX-exclusive Geo-Flex™ technology (patent pending) provides flexible, lightweight impact resistance
Hard plastic elbow cap for protection in a contoured, low-profile design
Innovative Velcro system offers full-range adjustability and eliminates snag
360° interior silicone nubs improve slip-resistance
Targeted forearm protection for coverage on ground balls
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STX Cell V Shoulder Pad
STX Cell V Shoulder Pad The STX Cell 5 Shoulder Pad is simply the best of the best for advanced youth, high school, and collegiate players. STX added GeoFlex II, which adds more flexibility in the pads without sacrificing protection. They also upgraded the pad to meet the new NOCSE standard in chest protection that will be mandatory in the 2022 season for all field players. These pads are simply light, soft, durable, and really good quality.

GeoFlex II™ - flexible protection for the power player
Meets NOCSAE standard for chest protection
T.A.C.™ system provides increased adjustability for a locked in, comfortable fit
7-point stretch zones for a full range of mobility
Removable bicep pads

Small: 3'6" - 5'6", 55-100 lbs
Medium: 4' - 6', 100 - 145 lbs
Large: 4'6" - 6", 140 - 190 lbs
XL: 5'8" - 6'6", 160 - 190+ lbs
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STX Crux 300 w/ Shear shaft
STX Crux 300 w/ Shear shaft This is a fantastic stick handling stick for offensive minded players.
Extreme scoop angle provides added snap
Runway Pocket™ is a unique, overlapping center string system allowing the two center runners to flex out and hug the ball
Minimum sidewall height for deepest legal pocket
Complete stick includes 7075 handle
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STX Exult 500 - Runway pocket - 30% off
STX Exult 500 - Runway pocket - 30% off The STX Exult 500 head is the most popular midfield women's lacrosse head in the game currently. If you're playing above the youth level and have not tried these advanced pockets yet.. then you are simply playing at a disadvantage. The Exult 500 comes with the same 10 degree technology as the Crux 500, which means cradling higher up in the pocket, a faster shot speed, and quicker release. This head is based on the amazing success of the Crux 500 series and are now more adapted to the midfield position of the game because of the tapered design that provides the best hold and accuracy in the game. If you're a middie in the market for a new head, look no further.
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STX Goal Target Net
STX Goal Target Net Nine hole target net. This ideal for backyard goals and practice shooting.Each hole/pocket is located in strategic shooting areas to help improve accuracy. Each hole has a net so you can keep track of which ones that go in.
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STX Hammer 900
STX Hammer 900 EnduraForm™ - a proprietary material for improved toughness
Redesigned Speed Scoop™ for the long stick player allows for easier groundballs, regardless of the angle of attack
Updated, tighter face profile adds control for better clears and quicker fast breaks
New sidewall design provides a higher level of stiffness and shape retention
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STX Shift SC TI - 20% off
STX Shift SC TI - 20% off Shift Profile - innovative flip handle with two grip options. Ultra-light Sc-Ti alloy withstands intense play. Max sandblast finish for secure grip in all conditions.
Color: Platinum or Black
Strong, durable, resilient
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STX Sidewinder backpack
STX Sidewinder backpack Awesome carry all for the lacrosse player!
Super back pack with seperate compartment for cleats. Lots of room and very compact. Two velcro stick straps on either side of the bag.
Dimensions: 19.25"L X 14"W X 9"D
Cushioned straps and back
Two large compartments, plus a vented front pocket
Heavy-duty base
Jersey-lined inside accessories pocket
Adjustable side straps hold sticks securely
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STX Stallion 500 - 40% off
STX Stallion 500 - 40% off Seamless construction design techniques on the palm create incredible stick feedback and feel
Climate ControlTM - back of hand venting for hot days and internal access for heat pack placement in the cold
Deflective, carbon fiber-reinforced thumb blocks, along with compression pads at base of thumb, add another level of protection while one-handed cradling
Ax SuedeTM palm for comfort and increased durability
One-piece comfort pad eliminates internal seams and enhances fit
Iso Thumb Technology (patent pending) provides natural feel and effortless 360° rotation
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STX Stallion 900
STX Stallion 900 The Stallion 900™ lacrosse head is designed for the elite two way midfielder. Packed with the toughness of EnduraForm™ and smoothness of Speed Scoop™, this head is great for groundball play and will stand up to the rigors on both ends of the field. Innerlock™ technology and the deepest legal offset make stringing a dream.
Key Features
EnduraForm™ - a proprietary material for improved toughness
Redesigned Speed Scoop™ allows for easier groundballs, regardless of the angle of attack
Updated rail geometry for increased strength & stability
Deepest legal offest allowed for increased ball feel & retention
Innerlock™ - narrows the channel for easy inside rail stringing
Optimized stringing hole placement allows for a variety of pocket options
Position: Midfield

Skill Level: Elite

Legality: NCAA and NFHS
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STX Stallion HD - Arm Guards - 35% off
STX Stallion HD - Arm Guards - 35% off Built with High Def™ Polymer - Light weight!
New Fit System - Improved arm straps for a more anatomical fit
Full length, breathable sleeve
Improved liner and interior silicone nubs to prevent slippage
No stink! High Def™ Polymer naturally defends against odors.
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STX Stallion HD Arm Pad - 30% off
STX Stallion HD Arm Pad - 30% off High def polymer delivers ultra-light protection.

Full-length breathable sleeve for comfort and mobility.

No-slip sleeve prevents slippage.
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STX Surgeon 700 with Surgeon SCTI Shaft STX Surgeon 700 head custom strung with white STX Memory Mesh -semi hard for structure and resiliency.
Placed on an STX Surgeon SC TI shaft - light weight, great strength to weight ratio with contoured handle. Quick hands for any attackman.
Save $60.
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STX Team Duffle Bag
STX Team Duffle Bag The STX Team Duffel bag is a heavy-duty, versatile carry-all for all types of gear, large and small. Great for teams with plenty of room to add your team's logo.
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Shoot-N-Scoop - single
Shoot-N-Scoop - single Ground balls win games! Aim small, miss small and become a sniper!

The Shoot n Scoop enables lacrosse players of all levels to better develop and hone essential lacrosse skills, namely, shooting, passing, and scooping.

Ideal for youth organizations, camps, and backyard play, a player cradles towards the Shoot n Scoop and either places or shoots/passes the ball into the net, whereby it falls into the bucket and onto the ramp falling out through the exit hole and onto the ground to be scooped up.

Beyond training, the Shoot n Scoop allows for one-on-one or multi-player lacrosse games on fields and backyards of all sizes, offering a more precise target on which to score a goal.

The Shoot n Scoop’s net frame and Jonomesh net are detachable for easy storage and transportation. The bucket’s bottom chamber may be filled with water for added stability.

Technical Specs:

Height (bottom of bucket to top crossbar): 42"

Width: 20.25" (at widest point)

Height (net): 31"

Height (bucket): 16.5"

Weight: 13lbs
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Soldier Sport - 2-pack
Soldier Sport - 2-pack Two mouth guards in one package. One is a solid color and the other is camp in the same color.
MBoil and bite mouthguards that are preformed and come with a tether to attach to your helmet or not.
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Under Armour Grip
Under Armour Grip Built with new strategic diamond grip pattern that maximizes grip where you need it
Extreme scalloped profile improves strength, feel and control
Comes with new adjustable end cap
SC-Ti Pro Alloy provides extreme durability
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Viking Backpack
Viking Backpack Designed for players on the go and easily fits into a gym locker! This compact silhouette is loaded with special features.

4 seaprate compartments
Paddle compartment
Electronics compartment with padded laptop sleeve and file storage
Security Pocket
Wet clothes storage
Padded Grab Handle
Padded shoulder straps
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Viking Ozone Prodigy - 1 left
Viking Ozone Prodigy - 1 left At 10 grams (.4 oz) lighter than the O-Zone Lite, the O-Zone Prodigy returns to this year’s line-up and is the lightest model within the O-Zone family. Featuring Viking’s proprietary Vibration dampener, the O-Zone Prodigy’s lower weight is a result of its soft core density and the extra four holes enhancement. These factors result in enhanced power and optimal maneuverability, which make the O-Zone Prodigy particularly attractive to players with a slower swing speed.

Carbon mesh rim: yes
Power rating: 6.5
Surface features: grit
Silence dampener: yes
Surface area: 82 sq. inch
Overall length: 18"
Balance: even
Grip sizes: 4 1/4
Weight oz/grams: 12.5/355
Core density: low
Triple threat: na
Extra holes: yes
Beam: 19mm
Handle length: long
Grip: durasoft+
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Viking Polar Tack Gloves
Viking Polar Tack Gloves Features extra duty fleece for extra warmth with premium sheepskin palm for ultimate performance and feel. Elongated wrist strap protects against the elements.
Backing & lining: extra duty fleece provides ultimate warmth
Palm: premium sheepskin for superior performance & soft feel
Wristband: elongated strap protects against the elements