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3MM Replacement Net
3MM Replacement Net Replacement net perfect for the backyard of a youth or high school player.
Durable net should last for years. Great replacement for the nets that come with the complete backyard goal.
Single net
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Epoch Integra Gloves - 30% off
Epoch Integra Gloves - 30% off Epoch Lacrosse introduces their game-changing Integra Glove incorporating Phase Change Technology, Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack and flexible carbon fiber for lightweight but effective protection. To maximize feel, design and control Epoch's engineers have once again raised the bar on lacrosse technology as illustrated by seamless fingertips, one-piece palm, extended cuff and overall ergonomic design. If you or your team are in the market for new gloves, the Integra should be at the top of your list. Live.Play.Be.

Phase Change Technology:
The next generation in performance textile innovation. This proactive patented technology is engineered to absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort and moisture control. This allows you to perform at your best in all climates - longer.

Flexible Carbon Fiber (Carbitex):
Epoch's engineers incorporated Non-Rigid Stabilized Carbon Fiber into the design for improved protection. This extremely lightweight and "flexible" carbon fiber has improved impact protection and abrasion resistance making Integra the new choice for today's top players.

Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack:
Epoch's engineers created a triple density foam stack which layers up the foam (in stacks) with the softer foam on the bottom layer and a denser polyethylene on the top layer for added protection against checks and impacts
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GAIT Gunner
GAIT Gunner Great introductory pad with hard shell bicep pad is perfect to deflect cross checks and slashes.
Floating shoulder design increases flexibility without sacrificing protection
Additional protection in the Y-zone provides ultimate protection in the sternum area
Fully adjustable chest straps ensure the right fit every time
Moisture wicking liner material moves moisture away from the skin during use
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Gait Recon Arm Guards - 36% off
Gait Recon Arm Guards - 36% off Ultra-thin hard plastic provides ultimate protection with less weight
Floating Elbow moves with the arm for unparalleled flexibility
New full length Mesh Sleeve prevents pads from slipping while improving ventilation

Super Low Profile allows for less bulk
Triceps Fit System moves the biceps straps up to the triceps to better prevent arm pad from slipping while improving comfort
Grip Sections on the inside sleeve, prevents pad from slipping down
Moisture Wicking Liner material moves moisture away from skin during use
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H4L Youth Complete with 3/4" diameter shaft Custom built stick in store. We string our sticks on site and assemble the head, shaft, butt end and stringing. Great intermediate level stick at the starter stick price.
- Crook X Head
- Shear Mettle Shaft - 30" - Multiple colors
- Personally strung by Hot4Lax staff with mid pocket - it's ready to roll!
- STX rubber butt end and head spacer

Customization is available.
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Maverik MX EKG Shoulder Pad
Maverik MX EKG Shoulder Pad The MX EKG Shoulder Pad is engineered utilizing the same principles of fit and protection that have made Maverik pads the preference of elite athletes.

The MX will help newer players reach their highest potential.

Featuring Maverik’s External Kardiac Guard (EKG), our revolutionary pad that meets the new NOCSAE performance standard ND200 to help address commotio cordis.
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Maverik Max
Maverik Max The Maverik MAX Lacrosse Glove is engineered for experienced players offering unparalleled performance and protection. The MAX glove is a highly technical glove that combines comfort, feel, and protection with features such as Maverik's Shark Gel inserts along the thumb for increased high impact protection. The Maverik MAX Glove also utilizes Dura Stretch panels across the knuckle to improve articulation and control bringing you a broken in feel from day one. Maverik uses a premium synthetic Suede palm with the MAX glove for amazing feel and grip on any shaft giving you more control over your stick. The MAX glove includes Maverik's Flow Cool Venting system for increased air flow throughout the glove. The MAX Glove also provides Anaform ridges to offer protection against wrist slashes.

- Maverik's most elite glove with unmatched performance, comfort, and protection.

- Shark Gel inserts offer maximum thumb protection without sacrificing mobility

- Flow Cool Venting lets your hands breathe in even the hottest weather

- Dura Stretch panels along the knuckle line bring a broken in feel from day one offering the best possible mobility
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Maverik Max EKG Shoulder Pad
Maverik Max EKG Shoulder Pad The Maverik MAX EKG Shoulder Pad offers advanced protection with an ultra-lightweight and comfortable design. The New MAX EKG Shoulder Pad is Maverik’s first offering utilizing new External Kardiac Guard (EKG) meeting the new NOCSAE ND200 Standard to help combat Commotio Cordis. Maverik designed the MAX EKG Shoulder Pad using their traditional fit to create a shoulder pad that is unmatched in its comfort and range of motion. The adjustable COMFORTFIT arch allows the MAX Shoulder Pad to be personalized in fit, coverage and drape. Maverik uses their DURASTRETCH panels across the torso to allow the pads to move fluidly with the body. The Maverik MAX EKG Shoulder Pad is built with ANAFORM chest and spine plates that are specifically designed to manage high velocity impact.
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Maverik Max Goalie Glove
Maverik Max Goalie Glove The MAX glove is engineered for experienced goalies offering unparalleled performance. This highly technical glove combines comfort, feel and protection.

Built with a tradtional profile and additional volume in the fingers and back of hand; not too tight, and not too loose
Synthetic suede palms provide a soft feel with unmatched control and consistency
Cuff adjustability for protection or a flared fit and unrestricted wrist motion
37.5 liner allows for faster sweat evaporation keeping your hands dry and cool
Flowcool venting on the back of hand allows heat to disperse
Anaform ridges provide slash protection while maintaining flexibility and mobility
Triple density foam and rigid inserts manage impacts in key zones across the thumb and back of hand
SHARK GEL inserts along the thumb for increased impact protection
DuraStretch panels across the knuckle improve articulation and control for a broken in fit from day one
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STX 4sight+ S
STX 4sight+ S The 4Sight + S goggle is designed for the beginner player. SEI Certified for the 2020 rule changes.

STX exclusive, oval shaped wires across face for enhanced vision and
impact resistance
Low profile design for minimal visual interference in all directions (patent pending)
Form-fitting contoured silicone molds to the face for maximum comfort, fit and cleaning ease. Antimicrobial agent to minimize breakouts due to perspiration

Meets ASTM F3077-17 requirements for women's lacrosse (60mph ball impact test)
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STX Cell III - Arm Guards - 33% off
STX Cell III - Arm Guards - 33% off STX-exclusive Geo-Flex™ technology (patent pending) provides flexible, lightweight impact resistance
Hard plastic elbow cap for protection in a contoured, low-profile design
Innovative Velcro system offers full-range adjustability and eliminates snag
360° interior silicone nubs improve slip-resistance
Targeted forearm protection for coverage on ground balls
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STX Cell III - Save over 25% - 1 left
STX Cell III - Save over 25% - 1 left Dual-density foam throughout the glove with strategic placement of polyethylene (PE) plastic board, offers added protection in key areas
New Stretch-Thumb provides improved thumb flexibility and rotation
Seamless vents on palm improve airflow, keeping hands cooler and drier
Durable, full nash palm offers superior grip and stick feel
Finger dexterity is a key component of this glove. Great glove for mifielder and defensemen.

31% off
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STX Duffle Bag
STX Duffle Bag The STX Team Duffel bag is a heavy-duty, versatile carry-all for all types of gear, large and small. Great for teams with plenty of room to add your team's logo.
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STX Exult 10


10 degree technology drives the ball to the sweet spot for the quickest release and best ball feel.
Lowest, legal sidewall provides superior ball handling and control.
Elastomer overmold used in the lower half to eliminate ball rattle.
Wider face increases surface area for interception and reception of difficult passes.
Comes with Lever 10 degree shaft.
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STX Goal Target Net
STX Goal Target Net Nine hole target net. This ideal for backyard goals and practice shooting.Each hole/pocket is located in strategic shooting areas to help improve accuracy. Each hole has a net so you can keep track of which ones that go in.
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STX K18 Arm Guard - 38% off
STX K18 Arm Guard - 38% off Designed and developed with Kyle Harrison for the elite player
Engineered to be the lightest & most breathable arm guards that STX has ever produced for the elite game
Floating armor plate system for dispersion of high impact hacks
Extended upper-arm coverage for added crosscheck protection
Fully wrapped and articulated elbow guard for all-around coverage
Highly breathable mesh vents coupled with sweat-wicking liner provide maximum airflow and breathability
AEGIS™ microbe shield protects against odors
.::Arm Protective Sizing Chart::. Arm Protective Age Weight
Medium 9-13 years old 91 lbs.-140 lbs.
Large 14+ years old 141 lbs. +

***Supplies limited**
$144.99 Freight charge applies due to the weight of the item.

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STX Multi-position Lacrosse Training Rebounder
STX Multi-position Lacrosse Training Rebounder Excellent training device for drills and skill development.
4' x 3' nylon net rebound area
Adjustable frame allows for varied rebound angles
Sturdy steel frame
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STX SURGEON 500 - 40% off
STX SURGEON 500 - 40% off Designed for the elite precision player.

Seamless construction design techniques on the palm create incredible stick feedback and feel
Climate Control - back of hand venting for hot days and internal access for heat pack placement in the cold
Deflective, carbon fiber reinforced thumb blocks, along with compression pads at base of thumb, add another level of protection while one-handed cradling
Ax Suede palm for comfort and increased durability
One-piece comfort pad eliminates internal seams and enhances fit
Iso Thumb Technology provides natural feel and effortless 360 degree rotation
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STX Shadow - 46% off
STX Shadow - 46% off Low Profile Protection
Plus Foam technology for lightweight protection and maximum freedom of movement. Streamlined cuff roll for a lower profile fit and improved wrist mobility. Stretch gusset in the fingers improves finger flexibility. Full nash palm for a smooth stick feel.
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STX Shadow Arm Pads - 30% off
STX Shadow Arm Pads - 30% off STX exclusive Plus Foam™ technology, placed in high-impact areas, disperses stress evenly across the pad
Lightweight compression sleeve offers comfort and breathability
Targeted forearm protection for coverage on ground balls
Interior silicone nubs reduce slipping
Great midfield and defensive pad for the aggressive players.
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STX Sidewinder backpack
STX Sidewinder backpack Awesome carry all for the lacrosse player!
Super back pack with seperate compartment for cleats. Lots of room and very compact. Two velcro stick straps on either side of the bag.
Dimensions: 19.25"L X 14"W X 9"D
Cushioned straps and back
Two large compartments, plus a vented front pocket
Heavy-duty base
Jersey-lined inside accessories pocket
Adjustable side straps hold sticks securely
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STX Surgeon 500
STX Surgeon 500 Floating chest and spine plates for added protection in key zones, without sacrificing flexibility
Low-profile design offers lightweight protection with a contoured fit
Integrated shoulder caps for additional protection
The zero-interference Overlap Strap System allows for an ultra-custom fit
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STX Surgeon 500 - Arm Guard - 33% off
STX Surgeon 500 - Arm Guard - 33% off D_FLKT - Cascading protection system provides superior stick check deflection
Low-profile design offers lightweight protection with a contoured fit
Forearm strike plate for deflective protection when attacking the cage
Full-length Lycra sleeve with integrated interior forearm pad for excellent comfort
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STX X10 U Classic STX trestle sidewall design provides extra strength and stiffness while keeping head lightweight
Multiple stringing holes for a variety of stringing options
STX Forward Cant™
Meets NCAA and NFHS rules
Position: Defense
$49.99 Freight charge applies due to the weight of the item.

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Under Armor Corner Targets
Under Armor Corner Targets Two Corners can attach to the goals and collect shots. Includes netted pockets and three bungee straps per pocket. Great for measuring accuracy in backyard or shooting areas. Balls stay in the netted pocket.
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Viking Re-Ignite
Viking Re-Ignite Known for its super oversized expanded hitting surface and ultra-soft feel, this paddle is one of the most popular paddles in the game for recreational or top tournament play. Constructed of low-density foam with some added weight for extra pop on the ball.
Power Rating: 8
Weight: 385g/13.5oz
Balance: Even
Core Density: Low
Surface Area: 92"
Material: EVA Foam Graphite
Beam: 19 mm
Overall Length: 18"
Grip: Dura Soft
Grip Size: 4 1/4
Handle Length: Standard
Extra Holes: N/A
Silencer Dampener: N/A
Carbon Mesh Rim: Yes
Triple Threat: N/A
Surface Feature: Max Grit