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True Zerolyte Arm Pad Three piece dealing for added flexibility with hard shell elbow protection.
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STX Stallion 900 Arm Pads
STX Stallion 900 Arm Pads The STX Stallion 900 Arm Pads will be worn by the best collegiate midfielders and defenseman in the country this year... why? It's that same low profile, high definition padding made famous by the Stallion HD series that STX carried over to these new pads with a couple important upgrades.The first is a new infusion of neoprene into the cuff of the sleeve. This really holds the pad in place with maximum comfort and flexibility. It doesn't matter how hot or sweaty you get these pads stay put. Secondly, is a lower full 360 wrapping that locks the forearm pad down to your preferred tightness. This simple change is revolutionary because other pads simply attach these types of straps to the ends of the pad and expect the padding itself to wrap around and mold to your shape. STX took this one step further and is now using the force of the strap itself to mold the padding to the proper tightness and shape of your arm... the result is that you can wear these with no slippage and barely know they are there.
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STX K18 Arm Pad - 20% off Designed and developed with Kyle Harrison for the elite player
Engineered to be the lightest & most breathable arm guards that STX has ever produced for the elite game
High impact injection molded elbow cap
Anatomically contoured for maximum coverage with minimum bulk
Highly breathable mesh vents coupled with sweat-wicking liner provide maximum airflow and breathability
AEGIS™ microbe shield protects against odors
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STX Stallion HD Arm Pad - 30% off
STX Stallion HD Arm Pad - 30% off High def polymer delivers ultra-light protection.

Full-length breathable sleeve for comfort and mobility.

No-slip sleeve prevents slippage.
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STX Cell III - Arm Guards - 23% off
STX Cell III - Arm Guards - 23% off STX-exclusive Geo-Flex™ technology (patent pending) provides flexible, lightweight impact resistance
Hard plastic elbow cap for protection in a contoured, low-profile design
Innovative Velcro system offers full-range adjustability and eliminates snag
360° interior silicone nubs improve slip-resistance
Targeted forearm protection for coverage on ground balls
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STX Stallion HD - Arm Guards - 35% off
STX Stallion HD - Arm Guards - 35% off Built with High Def™ Polymer - Light weight!
New Fit System - Improved arm straps for a more anatomical fit
Full length, breathable sleeve
Improved liner and interior silicone nubs to prevent slippage
No stink! High Def™ Polymer naturally defends against odors.
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Gait Recon Arm Guards - 25% off
Gait Recon Arm Guards - 25% off Ultra-thin hard plastic provides ultimate protection with less weight
Floating Elbow moves with the arm for unparalleled flexibility
New full length Mesh Sleeve prevents pads from slipping while improving ventilation

Super Low Profile allows for less bulk
Triceps Fit System moves the biceps straps up to the triceps to better prevent arm pad from slipping while improving comfort
Grip Sections on the inside sleeve, prevents pad from slipping down
Moisture Wicking Liner material moves moisture away from skin during use
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STX Cell 2 Arm Guard - 2 left
STX Cell 2 Arm Guard - 2 left Features:

  • Flexibility and Protection - No longer enemies

  • isoBLOX™ technology delivers protection and complete range-of-motion across the arm and elbow

  • Vented chassis for excellent breathability

  • Full length no-slip sleeve prevents slippage

  • Low profile elbow cap allows checks to slide off

  • Fully wrapped and articulated elbow guard for all around coverage
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    STX Stallion 900 Arm Guard
    STX Stallion 900 Arm Guard The Stallion 900 arm guard are low definition pads that give players the confidence to get to the cage with all the mobility they demand. Low profile means minimal bunching and snagging and maximum range of mobility. We recommend that all younger players wear arm guards when they get to the middle school age and these STX pads simply flew off the shelves. STX slightly slimmed down forearm section, to fit in better with the gloves. And the second big change was also on the forearm where the Velcro strap wraps all the way around the pad to lock it down rather than being attached to either side of the bad and bending it around the arm. This 360 fastening system really keeps the pad in place!