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Gait Futures Gait goggles is a transition from the former googles from Under Armor called the Illusion.
Meets SEI certification F3077-17. Great for youth and intermediate players.
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Cascade LX Women's Helmet
Cascade LX Women's Helmet The Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear is a wholistic solution with an integrated goggle that meets the new ASTM standard for goggles and headgear. Specifically designed for women's lacrosse, it's proven protection, customizable fit system, and lightweight, ventilated design make it easy to be protected on the field.

One size fits most - Adjustable and Customizable
Meets ASTM 3137 for Headgear
Meets ASTM 3077 for Goggles
Flexible Shell
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STX Rookie S
STX Rookie S Smaller than the 4Sight + Youth for a better fit and increased visibility
Patented low-profile design and unique oval wire configuration
Vented silicone padding does not absorb sweat or moisture, which minimizes breakouts and makes the goggle easy to clean
Meets ASTM F3077-17 requirements for women’s lacrosse and ASTM F2713-09 requirements for field hockey
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STX 4Sight + S Youth
STX 4Sight + S Youth Youth size: ages 8-12
Oval wire design enables superior visibility
Form-fitting silicone padding is easy to clean and does not absorb sweat or moisture, minimizing potential breakouts.
Meets ASTM F3077 requirements for women’s lacrosse
SEI Certified
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STX 4sight+ S
STX 4sight+ S The STX 4Sight Plus S adult women's lacrosse goggle has a oval wire design which enable superior visibility and a cage made of steel. The form-fitting silicone padding is easy to clean and does not absorb sweat or moisture. This goggle meets ASTM F3077-177 requirements for women's lacrosse and is SEI certified. The STX 4Sight +S adult lacrosse goggle can be used by any type of player and is designed for the intermediate player. Great for a teen just starting to play lacrosse, but can also be used by an adult.
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STX 4sight Focus S
STX 4sight Focus S Patented oval wire design and lightweight frame delivers superior visibility and comfort
Form fitting silicone padding is easy to clean and does not absorb sweat or moisture minimizing potential breakouts
Meets ASTM F3077-17 requirements for women's lacrosse
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Gait/Under Armour Glory TI
Gait/Under Armour Glory TI Description :
SEI Certified For New Goggle Rules
New EVA material reduces weight and adds comfort
Titanium wire design has black on inside for improved vision
Meets all ASTM F3077 specifications
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Cascade Poly Arc The Cascade Poly Arc Lacrosse / Field Hockey Goggles is the perfect choice for any field hockey or lacrosse athlete who wants comfort and protection from their goggles. The Poly Arc Goggles are made with a polycarbonate frame design which contours to the face while also providing added strength at a reduced weight. The Lightweight Antimicrobial and Moisture Wicking Foam conforms to any face shape, making these goggles extremely versatile. The Silicone Lined Strap allows for the ultimate positioning and grip on your head so you won't have to make any adjustments mid-game. Overall, the Cascade Poly Arc Lacrosse / Field Hockey Goggles has everything you need to stay protected and ready to go when it is game-time.
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STX 4sight Focus S TI
STX 4sight Focus S TI Upgraded with a titanium cage and reduced weight, the STX® 4Sight Focus S Ti Goggles feature the same innovative technology and comfortable fit as previous versions to provide optimal visibility and necessary protection on the field.
Advanced Technology

4Sight Technology features a lightweight, oval wire design to enhanced vision and impact resistance

Comfortable Fit, Limited Distractions

30% weight reduction from 4Sight Focus goggles
Minimal double bar design improves visibility
Titanium cage for durability

Additional Details

Meets ASTM F3077 requirements
Brand: STX
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Cascade Poly Air
Cascade Poly Air Super light weight innovative design from Cascade. This is a goggle for advanced players who want the maximum vision and lightest weight. Not for beginner players. The Cascade Poly Air Women's Lacrosse Goggles feature a unique, outta sight protection bar composed of aerospace grade stainless steel for a crisp view of ground balls and up-field action. Composed of poly pieces that don't bend or rust. Anatomical, anti-microbial fit foam is comfortable, won't irritate and stays clean.
This model has been replace by the Cascade Poly Arc.
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