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Large Dic Cones - 12
Large Dic Cones - 12" - 10 pack Large Saucer Cones - 12" D are perfect for marking dodging areas and distant passing. Highly visible orange cones are collapsable but are essential for practice. Dodging, cornering. These are ideal for virtual training and back yard practice. Use these low-profile cones to set up an obstacle or agility course, or to mark boundaries on the field.
Set of ten - $25
Colored lacrosse balls
Colored lacrosse balls Colored lacrosse balls are great for lacrosse, juggling and play around.
These are NOCSAE certified balls.
Lax Sax Ball
Lax Sax Ball Lacrosse Training Balls Sold as (1) Single Ball
Training balls are specially constructedto mimic the exact dimensions of a regulation weight lacrosse ball
The ball is highly durable and shock absorbent, and it's suitable for shooting at high speeds
Weight : 142 to 145 grams
Diameter: 64 mm
Colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple, Orange, Silver, Red/white/blue, Stars and others limited edition balls
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Swax Lax 3-pack - Goalie
Swax Lax 3-pack - Goalie The goalie training set lets you train hard on hand-eye coordination and also communication. They feature numbered panels, which allow coaches to train goalies to develop a laser focus by having them call out the numbers and colors of incoming balls.

Key features you’ll love:

Feels the same in a goalie's stick for saves and for clears
Soft ball helps new players develop their skills with more confidence
Makes lacrosse more approachable to beginners
Softer than hard rubber lacrosse balls and gentle on hardwood gym floors
Less bounce and no rebounds make for a more productive practice environment
Perfect for indoor play
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Bag of Balls
Bag of Balls 10 Pearl greaseless lacrosse balls in a mesh cinch bag.
Bag can hold up to forty balls.
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Ball Bucket
Ball Bucket Plastic white bucket
Holds approximately 8 dozen lacrosse balls
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Lacrosse Balls - Dozen
Lacrosse Balls - Dozen One dozen lacrosse balls with NOCSAE/SEI stamp.
Colors: Green, Orange, Yellow, White or Pink
Mix and match colors
$199.99 Freight charge applies due to the weight of the item.

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Case of NOCSAE lacrosse balls(120)
Case of NOCSAE lacrosse balls(120) Ten dozen Signature lacrosse balls (120). These are NOCSAE approved.
NOCSAE certification is necessary for all balls used in youth, high school and college lacrosse games.
Colors: White, orange or yellow.

*There is a shipping charge for these balls as they are heavyweight shipping - 45 lbs.*
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End zone Pylon's
End zone Pylon's Set of four end zone pylons. Pylon's are soft foam with an orange vinyl cover and weighted at the bottom. These can be used to mark the corners, midfield and substitution box. Highly visible and compressable.
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Disc Cones - 7.5
Disc Cones - 7.5" 7.5" disc cones for lacrosse drills and outlining your field during practice.
Perfect for outlining crease, setting up roll back drills and alley work.
Add a carrier to twenty cones to keep them in place.
Disc Cone Carrier
Disc Cone Carrier • Holds up to 100 cones
• Cones not included
• White
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Eazy Crease Men's lining tool
Eazy Crease Men's lining tool EZ Crease Mens Field Lining System is a device to help coaches or grounds personnel mark the goal creases on sports fields. Eazy crease can be used manually or attached to a field marking machine. Eazy Crease premeasured steel coated lines let anyone mark or paint the correct size crease.
9ft Crease and 32ft shooting Arc Field Marking Kit.
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6" Speed Hurdle Set Perfect for speed & jumping drills
Adjust the space between each hurdle for stride length drills
Lightweight plastic
Set of 6 (1 of each) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple
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Easy Crease Marking Tool - Women's Crease, Arc & Fan
Easy Crease Marking Tool - Women's Crease, Arc & Fan Women's Goal circle, Arc, and Fan
Women's College,High School, Middle School,Youth Lacrosse Crease, Arc, and Fan
With Eazy Crease you are able to mark/paint the men's and women's sports fields circles or arcs in under 60 seconds! Eazy Crease enables coaches to have their practice or playing field ready in minutes.
Why Eazy Crease?
First, the safety for the goalie, having a crease for every practice gives the goalie a buffer between the offense and defense players. Second there is nothing worse than turning the ball over because an offense player steps in the crease! The crease is the most important mark on the field! Eazy Crease is compact enough to be stored in the ball bag!
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Dual Timer
Dual Timer Champion Jumbo Dual Timer
The Champion Sports Dual Jumbo Display Timer keeps track of two times simultaneously. With a multitude of features including a 24 hour countdown/count-up timer, buzzer, and more, this dual timer is excellent for sports and other activities. As well, this timer can be used on a tabletop or mounted on a wall for exceptional visibility depending on the setting.

Dual jumbo 1" display
24 Hour countdown/count-up timer with 1-second resolution
Dual memory for keeping track of 2 times
Tabletop or wall-mount design for added convenience and visibility
Includes a buzzer when the clock runs out
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9" Field Cones Set of seven cones for the corners, midfield and substitution box.
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Deluxe Flip Score
Deluxe Flip Score FAS10

Lightweight versatile portable tabletop used for any sport
Hard plastic frame for added durability
Collapsible design for easy storage and transport
Contrasting black and orange numbers make it easy for fans, players, and coaches to see the score
Counts points & periods/games
Carrying handle for added convenience
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Lax Clock 4 with Case
Lax Clock 4 with Case The Lax Clock III is the portable score board. This is a must for ever organization and scoreres box.
The Lax Clock is a hand held score board that allows a score keeper and timer to keep track of the score, game time, multiple penalty times and provide a horn for end of period or substitutions.
Water proof carrying case is included for the arly spring days.
Clack takes two 9 volt and three AA bateries.
It makes keeping and time a breeze.