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Maverik Tactic Tactic head custom strung with Jimalax/Hero 2.0 or String King semisoft mesh on a 30" Maverik Range Shaft.
Tactic head meets NFHS and NCAA specifications.
Range shaft is a 30" alloy 7000 grade shaft
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String King Legend Jr
String King Legend Jr Same stick as the Legend complete but with a 3/4" handle for the smaller players. This is a great stick for the 1st to 5th traders. "Small hands, small handle". Handle is 2" smaller in length and 1/3" smaller in diameter.
This stick comes in the junior, intermediate and senior. The difference between the sticks is the handle length, size and weight.
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STX Surgeon 700 with Surgeon Scandium or SCTI Shaft STX Surgeon 700 head custom strung with white STX Memory Mesh -semi hard for structure and resiliency.
Placed on an STX Surgeon SC TI shaft - light weight, great strength to weight ratio with contoured handle. Quick hands for any attackman.
Save $60.
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STX Stallion 200
STX Stallion 200 STX Stallion 200 head strung with soft mesh and placed on a 30" Shear Shaft. This shaft is 7/8" thick, so its perfect for smaller hands. Good inexpensive stick for players parents and friends.