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Cascade XRS

The Cascade XRS lacrosse helmet is the best helmet on the market to date. Our guys can't get over how COMFORTABLE this helmet is! They literally don't want to take it off their heads! Another thing that they really like about this helmet is the added ventilation on the top. It will definitely help on those hot days on the field.

The Cascade XRS uses new technology to offer an updated version of the older cascade models. The XRS gives a perfect combination of comfort, protection, and vision. It is used by the top elite professional, college, and high school programs. The XRS is a great helmet for summer ball because of the ventilation system and breathability technology which keeps players cool in the heat.

PROTECTION - Three different liner technologies unite to optimally address variable force impacts. Each piece of the Tri-Liner system integrates perfectly with each other to create a 360° Fit for the ultimate protection-first package.

COMFORT - Best-In-Class XFlo ventilation ports offer 2X breathability. Balanced and aligned, the XRS is designed with the center of gravity directly at the crown of the head.

VISION - With our new VIXION system, we have increased peripheral vision by 20+% creating a maximum field of view so you can see it all. The Visionbar’s PowerPress technology decreases wire diameter on the top bar to improve sight lines and increase face mask rigidity.

CUSTOMIZATION - With over 9.6 million different color combinations, you can find a truly unique look for you, and your entire crew.


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Cascade CPXR
Cascade CPXR Description :
Dependable performance. Proven impact management. The CPX-R helmet utilizes Cascade’s patented SevenTechnologyTM liner with a fully adjustable Hardtail SPRfitTM system.
SEVEN TECHNOLOGY The SevenTechnology™ liner system is a ground-breaking impact attenuation system designed to more effectively manage energy transfer from direct high energy impacts. On impact, the Seven Technology liner system compresses to laterally displace energy and within seconds, it completely resets to ready for the next impact
R SERIES SHELL The complimentary HDPE housing that Seven Technology needs to do it’s magic. The R Series Shell brings a never-before-seen level of aggression and speed grounded in Cascade DNA. Venting, Chine Lines and Counterbalance.
SPRFIT™ HARDTAIL The High Performance evolution of the SPRfit (Swiss Precision Ratchet). The same bombproof components of our ground breaking system housed by a HDPE case.
X SERIES COMPONENTS A Visor, Mask and Chin system that defines tight and light. No nonsense, just lines that allow you to play your game.

One size fits most
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Cascade CS-R
Cascade CS-R The Cascade CS-R helmet is designed for the elite youth player. A Poron® XRD™ Foam liner and a memory foam side fit provide elite level protection for the youth player. The R design gives this helmet the same speed and rigidity.

A pliable material offering maximum comfort and elite protection for the impacts sustained at the U12 level.
The New memory foam side-fit provides a comfortable and protective lateral fit.
The upgraded Full Pivot System is designed to fit the anatomy of players less than 12 years of age as the rear third of the liner pivots to grasp the head, ensuring a secure fit.
The 3-bar design, for smaller faces, increases vision and reduces weight.
The 3-bar design, for smaller faces, increases vision and reduces weight.
A one-piece shell and visor, sized for the youth player, creates a more rigid system to better manage frontal impacts.
The CS-R is engineered to specifically address the collisions that take place at the U12 level. The CS-R becomes the second helmet in the R-Series to be offered with an EPP liner system for elite level protection and superior comfort.
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Cascade CPVR
Cascade CPVR Available in a full range of sizes, the CPV-R is perfect for the player who is looking for dependable protection and superior comfort.
SPRFIT™: The SPRfit adjustable ratchet system allows players to make nicro-adjustments on the fly. The no-nonsense, all business and crazy simple fit lets you focus on the game-action instead of your equipment.

GEN 3 EPP LINER SYSTEM: The CPV-R becomes the first helmet in the R-Series to be offered with an EPP liner system for elite level protection and superior comfort. The 4th quarter will feel as comfortable as warm-ups. Available in 4 differens sizes: XXS, XS, S/M & M/L.

R SERIES SHELL: The R-Series Shell features FreeFlow venting to keep you cool in sweaty situations and brings an unmatched level of style and speed that’s distinctively Cascade.

CHEVRON MASK: The Chevron Mask provides increased downward vision by incorporating a slight V shape in the center of the latitude bars. Say it with me – “Ground ball Advantage!”

V SERIES COMPONENTS: The CPV-R visor and chin are tailored to accomodate a wide ranfe of head sizes in serious style.
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STX Stallion 100
STX Stallion 100 STX Schutt Stallion 100 - Lacrosse Helmet - WHITE SHELL BLACK FACE MASK
The STX/Schutt,Stallion 100 Lacrosse helmet is designed for the youth player dedicated to developing his game. The helmet blends EVA foam protection and a unique liner to provide safety and comfort where it's needed most.

ABS SHELL - The ABS material used in the Stallion 100 incorporates impact modifiers within the plastic for added strength.

EVA COMFORT LINER - Unique molded design provides an added layer of cushioning for more protection.

EPP LINER - The EPP liner provides consistent coverage throughout the helmet.

ELASTIC ADJUSTABILITY SYSTEM - Built-in elastic straps allow for proper fit over a wide range of sizes.

ADJUSTABLE EVA JAW PADS - The jaw pads incorporate TPU cushioning for impact absorption. The jaw pad is offered in multiple sizes for a customizable fit.
XS: 6 - 6 1/2 - 19" to 20 1/2 "
S: 6 1/2 - 6 7/8 - 20 1/2" to 21 1/4"
M/L: 7 - 7 1/2 - 22" to 23 1/2'
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Field Shield
Field Shield The Cascade Field Shield offers a protective face shield that can be easily attached & detached to a variety of Cascade Helmets with dual chinstrap snap integration and two-point zip design. The Field Shield is intended for limited use and quick interchange on the sideline. Cascade utilizes a custom diecut fit to ensure the Field Shield fits to any Cascade Helmet. The Anti-Fog Construction allows for constant airflow while playing to reduce fog and keep your eye on the ball. The Cascade Field Shield is sold exclusively in 3 packs allowing players to replace their shield once wear from play is visible.
The only authorized shield for SEI-Certified cascade helmets
*This is for the adult sized cascade helmets*
Adult size can be used on: S, R, CPXR, CPVR helmets.
Youth size can be used on: CS, CSR, S youth.
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STX Stallion 575 - SALE
STX Stallion 575 - SALE STX and Schutt Sports, two companies on the cutting edge of sports equipment design and manufacturing, have joined forces to change the perspective on the traditional lacrosse helmet. Through the strategic fusion of a global leader in football helmets with the most trusted brand in lacrosse, a unique blend of style, protection and performance has been born.

New Forward Tilt Design
D30 is a patented, lightweight material with a unique molecular structure allowing it to remain soft and flexible in its natural state.
Upon impact, however, the molecules in D30 lock together to absorb and disperse impact energy, before returning to its soft, natural state.
The ABS material used in the Stallion 600 incorporates impact modifiers within the plastic for added strength.
The SUREFIT AiR Liner is adjustable (pump included) and provides a more dynamic fit by placing the technology in the rear of the helmet. This allows it to form better to the contours of your head.
The adjustable EVA jaw pad incorporates TPU cushioning for impact absorption.

Model #: ST575
Size - Head Size
S: 6 - 6 1/2"
M: 6 1/2 - 7"
L: 7 - 7 1/2"
XL: 7 1/2 - 7 9/16"