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STX Shield 300 Goalie Glove The ideal glove for the aspiring lacrosse goaltender. The STX Shield 300™ lacrosse goalie gloves are designed to provide protection from shots while giving maximum mobility. Featuring the unique STX exo-thumb guard for the best grip and control available.
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STX Cell V Goalie Glove
STX Cell V Goalie Glove GeoFlex II™ - flexible protection for the power player.

Flexible thumb guard for added protection.

C3™ cuff system lets you decide how you want to wear your glove.

Ventilated palm design for moisture management and comfort.

Power Fit™ Profile - more space in the back of hand for freedom of movement.

AX Suede™ palm provides improved stick feel and durability.

Improved Guard Lock™ strap secures mouth guard when not on the field.
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Maverik Max Goalie Glove
Maverik Max Goalie Glove The MAX glove is engineered for experienced goalies offering unparalleled performance. This highly technical glove combines comfort, feel and protection.

Built with a tradtional profile and additional volume in the fingers and back of hand; not too tight, and not too loose
Synthetic suede palms provide a soft feel with unmatched control and consistency
Cuff adjustability for protection or a flared fit and unrestricted wrist motion
37.5 liner allows for faster sweat evaporation keeping your hands dry and cool
Flowcool venting on the back of hand allows heat to disperse
Anaform ridges provide slash protection while maintaining flexibility and mobility
Triple density foam and rigid inserts manage impacts in key zones across the thumb and back of hand
SHARK GEL inserts along the thumb for increased impact protection
DuraStretch panels across the knuckle improve articulation and control for a broken in fit from day one
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STX Shield Pro Goalie Gloves
STX Shield Pro Goalie Gloves Features:

New flexible thumb guard allows for added mobility
Extra protection for the tip of the thumb
Reduced cuff length for uninhibited wrist mobility
Low-profile back of hand design
Single piece nash palm with perforation for added breathability
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Maverik M5 Goalie Glove
Maverik M5 Goalie Glove The M5 Goalie Glove has a classic fit, redesigned for unrestricted movement and precision feel with our TorqueLoc Thumb 2 design for added protection. You will find instant comfort right off the shelf.
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STX Shield 100 Complete stick Product Information
Perfect for the casual keeper that’s stepping between the posts for a quick game, the STX® Men’s Shield 100 on 6000 Lacrosse Goalie Stick includes pre-strung 12-diamond semi-hard mesh to comfortable catch shots with consistency and keep the game close for your team.

Classic scoop shape provides optimal responsiveness for groundball pickups
Closed sidewall construction and low pinch provides a stable, secure feel for recreational keepers

Matte-anodized alloy offers a lightweight feel for optimal mobility
Smooth, non-slip finish
Shaft Length: 30’’

Strung with 12-diamond semi-hard mesh
Ideal for recreation-level goalies
Brand : STX
Country of Origin : Imported
Style : CS SH10 6000
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STX Shield Head
STX Shield Head Great durable goalie head with stiff throat feel.


C-Channel technology provides extra strength and stability when making saves
Ergonomic throat is more comfortable and improves wrist mobility
Multiple stringing holes for a variety of stringing options
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STX Eclipse 2 Goalie Head - Unstrung All sticks can be strung with Jimalax mesh, wax mesh, Porthole mesh, micro mesh or Money Mesh. You pick it, we will string it.


Designed to provide a combination of stiffness and flexibility
Open sidewall design keeps head lightweight
Multiple stringing holes for a variety of stringing options
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String King Mark 2G - Goalie Head Strung
String King Mark 2G - Goalie Head Strung Head strung with String King Grizzly 2S
The StringKing Mark 2G goalie lacrosse head was designed to give you faster hands. By eliminating unnecessary weight and optimizing the design, you get a lighter, more aerodynamic head to help you make more saves and quicker outlets. Strung up by the Pro's at StringKing with either 2S or 2X mesh, This goalie lacrosse head offers an unparalleled 42 stringing holes for unlimited options.

Ultra-stiff, light-weight design
Our Pro's think the optimized face shape will help you make more saves every time you get in front of a shot
Designed to gobble up those ground balls and make super accurate clears
Shortened throat to give you more control
PLEASE NOTE: This lacrosse head comes with a 2 square locking bolt technology. All pre-drilled holes on StringKing shafts will line up, other brands will need to be drilled. **LOCKING BOLTS ARE RECOMMENDED FOR STABILITY AND DURABILITY, BUT NOT NECESSARY. If you don't use the bolts, we recommend using a self-tapping screw in each hole.**
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STX Valor Shin Guards
STX Valor Shin Guards Features:
High Def Polymer multi-surface backing for ultra-lightweight, low-profile protection that won't absorb sweat and moisture
Flexible rib design allows for air flow and a great fit
Removable and adjustable straps
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STX Sultra Goalie Gloves
STX Sultra Goalie Gloves Goalie gloves designed for the female hand. Longer fingers and narrower streamlined design fits and protects the female hand better.
These gloves have a padded thumb that differentiates goalie gloves from regular gloves.

Designed for superior comfort and flexibility
Thinner fingers and palm provide a better fit for women's hands
Padding on the thumb provides the extra protection that goalies need
Silicone gel printing on palm, thumb and forefinger for goal-keeping specific grip
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STX Youth Goalie Pants
STX Youth Goalie Pants Lightweight, breathable mesh short style with strategically placed protective padding for the beginning player 
Multiple drawstrings along pant for size adjustability
Two youth sizes fits most players - Small/Medium or Medium/Large
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STX Breaker Goalie Pants
STX Breaker Goalie Pants Form-fitting, low-profile spandex
Shock-stopping, low-rebound foam
Mid level padded goalie pants.
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STX  Deluxe Goalie Pants
STX Deluxe Goalie Pants Upper leg and thigh pads protect goalies from the big bruises that come from making the big save.

Multi-zoned, full mesh body with moisture-wicking materials
Anatomically designed, floating protective pad
Waist pull-tabs for easy on/off
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STX Shield 100 Chest Protector - 30% off
STX Shield 100 Chest Protector - 30% off Adjustable and removable shoulder coverage
Removable stomach pad and adjustable sternum pad
Quick-release buckle and strap system
Great entry level chest protector.

Doesn't meet ND200 certification
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Maverik RX Chest Protector
Maverik RX Chest Protector The RX Chest Pad's progressive design allows for maximized movement with minimum bunching when making dynamic movements.

Elastic straps ensure a secure fit while the adjustable back strap allows for a personalized fit
Anaform chest plates are designed to manage impact forces while maximizing freedom of movement