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Maverik Tactic
Maverik Tactic The Maverik Tactik lacrosse head has been the weapon of choice for the elite player. The Tactik is an impressive display of new innovative technology for the sport of lacrosse. Maverik created a new optimal release point in the Tactik for increased control and hold while maintaining a high level energy transfer when passing and shooting, Paired with a Level 3 Bottom Rail designed specifically for a mid pocket to further help balance the power and accuracy of the Tacktik while shooting and passing. Maverik included new X-Rail technology with the Tacktik to distribute stress and impacts to the opposite rail bringing a light weight stiff profile to the Tacktik. Constructed in the USA with Maverik's new Duratough material this head is one of the most durable and weather resistant heads on the market.

- Optimal Release Point brings added control with increased hold while creating extreme energy transfers when passing and shooting.

- Maveriks new X-Rail technology redistributes stress and impact energy throughout the head allowing for a light weight but stiff profile.

- Level 3 Bottom Rail is designed as the ideal shape for a mid pocket to bring the perfect balance of power and accuracy.

- Duratough material enhances overall stiffness and provides consistent play in through any climate.

- Meets all NCAA/NFHS specs. Made in the USA.
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STX Surgeon 700
STX Surgeon 700 The NEW Surgeon is an offensive phenomenon!

Featuring enhanced stringing options to give you the Custom Surgeon Experience.

20 sidewall holes, two sidewall rails, and one Channel LockTM for unmatched pocket control.
features new Suspension Rail, which creates a unique customizable stringing system for enhanced ball retention.
The Surgeon 700 is our first head built with EnduraformTM, which is a brand new, proprietary material blend that enhances performance in a wider array of temperatures, because lacrosse isn't only played in the spring.
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STX Surgeon 10 500
STX Surgeon 10 500 Designed specifically to maximize ACP technology, which maintains head shape and allows for a lightweight and strong head
New design is 10% lighter than previous model and is now the lightest NCAA legal head within the STX line
Stiff, pointed scoop with aggressive "smile" helps define channel for increased accuracy
Contoured throat with new added texture for enhanced control while cradling
***only 1 left**
STX Forward Cant™
Meets NCAA rules only
Strung with ECD 3S Striker Mesh
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STX Hammer 500 Endura Form
STX Hammer 500 Endura Form The STX Hammer 500 EnduraForm is an updated version of one of the best defensive lacrosse head of all time. So rather than try and play around too much with the deisgn of the STX Hammer 500, STX built up the technology that goes into the head. Starting back with their famous All Climate Performance technology, STX has always been ahead of the game when it comes to building durable heads. The next step in their evolution for maximum durability is EnduraForm.

According to their research, heads with EnduraForm have up to 25% added stiffness.This is perfect for any defenseman who is looking for a super stiff head. When you are throwing checks using your STX Hammer 500 EnduraForm, attackmen will remember you after the final whistle.
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STX Stallion 700 Limited Edition
STX Stallion 700 Limited Edition Enhanced groundball play with STX’s new, patent pending, Speed Scoop™, allows for quick and effortless scooping by minimizing scoop drag on turf and grass
The Stallion's iconic two-sidewall brace design provides optimal stability when shooting, checking, and on ground balls
New Stallion 700 design is 25% stiffer and 5% lighter than previous Stallion models
C-Channel™ technology distributes stress on the sidewall, providing extra strength and stability between the lines

Meets NCAA and NFHS rules
Recommended Position: Midfield/Attack/LSM
Weight (oz): 4.9
Recommended Skill Level: AdvanceYouth/ High School/ Collegiate
Scoop Shape: Speed Scoop
HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES
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Maverik Optik 2.0
Maverik Optik 2.0 The Optik 2.0 is designed for the elite attackman who initiates the offense. With the combination of a tighter face shape and tension lock, this head will improve your accuracy, control and velocity. Used by arguably the best dodging attackman of our generation; Team USA’s Jordan Wolf.
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STX Stallion 900
STX Stallion 900 The Stallion 900™ lacrosse head is designed for the elite two way midfielder. Packed with the toughness of EnduraForm™ and smoothness of Speed Scoop™, this head is great for groundball play and will stand up to the rigors on both ends of the field. Our Innerlock™ technology and the deepest legal offset make stringing a dream.
Key Features
EnduraForm™ - a proprietary material for improved toughness
Redesigned Speed Scoop™ allows for easier groundballs, regardless of the angle of attack
Updated rail geometry for increased strength & stability
Deepest legal offest allowed for increased ball feel & retention
Innerlock™ - narrows the channel for easy inside rail stringing
Optimized stringing hole placement allows for a variety of pocket options
Position: Midfield

Skill Level: Elite

Legality: NCAA and NFHS
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STX Surgeon 900
STX Surgeon 900 Crafted for the elite offensive player
Super lightweight design for speed and control
EnduraForm™ - a proprietary material for improved toughness
New Speed Scoop™ for easier groundballs, regardless of the angle of attack
InnerLock™ makes stringing to the inside rail easy, narrowing the channel for increased hold
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STX Deuce
STX Deuce Designed for Maximum Control
Compact design and tight pinch provide maximum ball control
Patented elastomer overmold creates unique look
Offered in multiple color options
Forward Cant™
NFHS Rules Compliant
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STX X10 Classic STX trestle sidewall design provides extra strength and stiffness while keeping head lightweight
Multiple stringing holes for a variety of stringing options
STX Forward Cant™
Meets NCAA and NFHS rules
Position: Defense
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STX X20 An all time favorite just got a makeover. The new X20 is an update on one of the most popular defensive heads of all time. The wide faceshape and tough exterior make this head perfect for the stay at home close defenseman, who loves to dish out punishment on opposing attackman. We also added Speed Scoop to the wider profile, making this head a menace on contested ground balls. Attackman, beware.
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STX Hammer Omega
STX Hammer Omega Proprietary Omega™ polymer offers the highest strength to weight ratio of any STX head in history
Redesigned Speed Scoop™ for the long stick player allows for easier groundballs, regardless of the angle of attack
Updated, tighter face profile adds control for better clears and quicker fast breaks
New sidewall design provides a higher level of stiffness and shape retention
Sidewall profile optimized for player preferred high pocket placement
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STX Hammer 900
STX Hammer 900 EnduraForm™ - a proprietary material for improved toughness
Redesigned Speed Scoop™ for the long stick player allows for easier groundballs, regardless of the angle of attack
Updated, tighter face profile adds control for better clears and quicker fast breaks
New sidewall design provides a higher level of stiffness and shape retention
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Maverik Kinetic 2.0
Maverik Kinetic 2.0 Designed for outside shooters who want velocity and accuracy when the game is on the line.
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Maverik Tactic 2.0
Maverik Tactic 2.0 The TACTIK 2.0 controls the offensive zone, and is always a threat to score or feed. Designed for the mid-range shooter and precision passer. Updated with Control Core™ technology, providing superior ball control when possessing, feeding and shooting. Now featuring 20 stringing holes, the custom pocket options are endless. Used by PLL Chrome’s Ned Crotty and MLL Chesapeake Bayhawks Nick Mariano and Boston Cannons Will Sands.
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String King Mark 2
String King Mark 2 Strung head with white String King 4S/4X mesh
A= attack - low pocket
V= midfield - mid pocket
L= Transition/D-midfielder - stiff head and mid pocket
D= Defender - stiff head and higher pocket
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STX Surgeon ACP
STX Surgeon ACP Designed for advanced offensive players looking for a quick release and pin-point accuracy
Featuring ACP (All Climate Performance) technology that maintains head shape and form regardless of climate
Pointed and stiffer scoop provides quicker release and pin-point accuracy
Longer, contoured throat for enhanced control when cradling
Strategically placed stringing holes make stringing the desired pocket simple and effective
STX Forward Cant
Comes in an NFHS model and a NCAA model. It is not universal.
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Maverik Havoc
Maverik Havoc Designed for the elite playmaking LSM or Close Defenseman. With the best in class strength to weight ratio this head will deliver precise checks and increase caused turnovers. The all-new Ground Control feature will ensure you dominate the GB battle.
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STX Eclipse 2
STX Eclipse 2 The new STX Eclipse 2 lacrosse goalie head was stiffened up by the engineers at STX. These guys understood that although the first version was the best selling goalie head of all time, increased shot speeds by carbon shafts and bigger players necessitated a stronger head up towards the scoop for high school and collegiate level play. Stx was able to increase the overall stiffness of the head without adding any weight. Learn why our Pro's think this is one of the best goalie heads you can buy.

The scoop on the Eclipse 2 head was flattened a bit as well as re-angled for better ground balls. It is no secret that today's coaches expect goalies to get out of the cage and win some ground balls. STX can't give you the hustle... but they just gave you one of the flattest scoops in the game. Pair that up with Memory Mesh and we can have it professionally strung for you for only $35 and you have the best goalie head in the game. Memory Mesh simply eats rebounds and if strung properly, will throw outlet passes on a rope.
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Limited Edition Epoch Hawk 382c Each package is individually numbered. Only 382 made!
382c Neon green head
Engraved and painted lacrosse ball
End cap
Head screw
Numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity
Serious display box

Only one