Shafts - Women's

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STX Crux Pro Handle
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Harrow Title IX
Harrow Title IX The Title IX features a tapered section which gives more power to passing and shots. This shaft is durable, yet lightweight, and is great for all-weather play. Coming in multiple colors, the Title IX Tapered caters to the most colorful player.

- 31.5” in Length
- 165 Grams
- High Grade Composite Construction
- All Weather Control
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STX Vortex Composite
STX Vortex Composite 1" Overmolded Composite

Soft textured elastomer rings within the composite improve grip and feel
Soft, rubberized finish
Handle stays temperate, and hands stay warm in cold weather
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Harrow P Series
Harrow P Series The P Series Ultralight Tapered Lacrosse Shafts are made of new age carbon fiber and a rubberized grip finish to provide better strength and control for your game. The tapered section gives you more power to your shots and passes.
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STX Fade2
STX Fade2 Features:

Full taper handle goes from 1" to 7/8" octagon
Allows players to slide hands more easily
Reversible, 100% Carbon
$89.99 Freight charge applies due to the weight of the item.

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DeBeer FLX 275
DeBeer FLX 275 Product Features

Lightweight carbon handle in a mid-sized octagonal shape
Maximum handle flex increases velocity of ball with less effort
Available colors: black only
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DeBeer Air Flow Staight
DeBeer Air Flow Staight Product Features

Lightweight composite handle with vented holes and soft feel finish
Air holes in lower grip section improve control and help to manage moisture between hand and handle
Carbon/fiberglass for improved strength
Available color: black, navy, royal blue, red, and forest green
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DeBeer Demise
DeBeer Demise Product Features

ITEM #: DEM-32"
Length: 32"
Shape: Full Size (ICE Profile)
Weight: 165g
Material: 7050
Feel: Soft with Texture
Available colors: forest green, magenta, orange, and yellow
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DeBeer Air Flow Composite Shaft
DeBeer Air Flow Composite Shaft Features:
  • Lightweight Composite handle in a small size octagonal shape with soft feel paint

  • Integrated T.O.S. Transfer Offset System bend

  • Air Holes in lower grip section improve control and helps to manage moisture

  • Carbon/Fiberglass for strength