Platform Tennis

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Viking Extra Duty Balls - 3
Viking Extra Duty Balls - 3 • Viking's "Extra Duty" Ball promises longer lasting flock and durability
• Proven rubber compound provides the softest feel and most consistent bounce
• Advanced flocking process provides the perfect surface texture for maximum ball spin and control
• #1 Selling Ball since 1999
• 3 Balls to a Sleeve
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Paddle Combo Great Combo set for new and experienced players. Add this to your paddle purchase to complete the set. Got a paddle already? get the additional gear to round it out.
- Viking protective goggles/glasses - 3 lense colors
- Sleeve of three Viking Extra Duty balls,
- Viking gloves or warm mitt,
- Viking Back pack
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Viking Ozone Prodigy - 1 left
Viking Ozone Prodigy - 1 left At 10 grams (.4 oz) lighter than the O-Zone Lite, the O-Zone Prodigy returns to this year’s line-up and is the lightest model within the O-Zone family. Featuring Viking’s proprietary Vibration dampener, the O-Zone Prodigy’s lower weight is a result of its soft core density and the extra four holes enhancement. These factors result in enhanced power and optimal maneuverability, which make the O-Zone Prodigy particularly attractive to players with a slower swing speed.

Carbon mesh rim: yes
Power rating: 6.5
Surface features: grit
Silence dampener: yes
Surface area: 82 sq. inch
Overall length: 18"
Balance: even
Grip sizes: 4 1/4
Weight oz/grams: 12.5/355
Core density: low
Triple threat: na
Extra holes: yes
Beam: 19mm
Handle length: long
Grip: durasoft+
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Viking Oz Pro - 2017
Viking Oz Pro - 2017 The number 1 selling paddle of all time, the OZ Pro continues to be a proven performer in the sport. Built with the highest density foam and featuring a carbon mesh rim, the OZ Pro paddle is the heaviest within our line-up line and offers unmatched control and exceptional stability at contact, making it the preferred paddle for players who rely on their drives. Used by Jon Lubow.

Weight: 390g/13.8oz
Surface Area: 85 sq in
Grip Size:4 1/4 in
Handle Length:Standard
Core Density: High
Surface: Grit Length:18 Beam: 19 mm
Weight: 13.8 oz.
Core Density: Mid+
Length: 18”
Beam: 19 mm
Head Surface Size: 85 Sq. In.
Grip Sizes Available: 4-1/4
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Viking Warmitt
Viking Warmitt The original Warmitt™ now even better - it's made with Polartec. Ideal for players who still want to feel their paddle while keeping their paddle hand warm. Unlike other tight fitting imitations, the Warmitt™ has ample space for hand movement. Available in one very generous size for use with either hand.
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Viking Polar Tack Gloves
Viking Polar Tack Gloves Features extra duty fleece for extra warmth with premium sheepskin palm for ultimate performance and feel. Elongated wrist strap protects against the elements.
Backing & lining: extra duty fleece provides ultimate warmth
Palm: premium sheepskin for superior performance & soft feel
Wristband: elongated strap protects against the elements
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Viking Max Tack Gloves Lightweight performance glove with four-way stretch-knitted backing has foam insulation for hand warmth and comfort. Premium suede leather palm with tackified design provides the ultimate non-slip grip with an elastic wristband for extra comfort.
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Viking Backpack
Viking Backpack Designed for players on the go and easily fits into a gym locker! This compact silhouette is loaded with special features.

4 seaprate compartments
Paddle compartment
Electronics compartment with padded laptop sleeve and file storage
Security Pocket
Wet clothes storage
Padded Grab Handle
Padded shoulder straps
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Wilson Xcel Smart - 2 left
Wilson Xcel Smart - 2 left The Xcel Smart combines smaller head size for maximum maneuverability with the smart foam density which allows
for a more cushioned feel when needed.

Basalt fibers are woven longitudinally with (K)arophite BLack filtering unwanted extrememe frequency and
delivering a clean feedback with better sensation and the perfect feel.

Smart Density utilizes two distinct EVA foam densities in one paddle. Smart Density occurs when the paddle
responds to the speed of the ball hit on the paddle face. Your swing and impact can generate more power as
Smart Density responds. The Smart Density core allows for more cushioned feel when needed.

Advanced hole drilling process provides increased bite on all hits.

Wilson tripled the amount of grit on the paddle surface of all of our paddles for increased control and feel of
the ball. Extra Bite.

Weight: 370 g
Grip: 4 1/4
Density: Smart
-No Grit Zone
-Killer Grit
-Sharp Hole Technology
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Viking Ozone Lite
Viking Ozone Lite The new O-Zone Lite is an ultra lightweight paddle with longer handle design that is extremely popular with players looking for a faster swing speed and greater maneuverability especially off the screen in the corners.
Weight: 12.6 oz / 365 g
Power Rating: 7
Core Density: Mid
Surface Feature: Max Grit
Triple Threat: NA
Carbon Mesh Rim: Yes
Silencer Dampener: NA
Extra Holes: NA
Surface Area: 82 sq/in
Beam: 19mm
Overall Length: 18"
Handle Length:Standard
Balance: Head Heavy
Grip: DuraSoft+
Grip Size: 4 1/4
$99.99   $139.99 Freight charge applies due to the weight of the item.

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Wilson Big Stick
Wilson Big Stick The new Big Stick is a platform paddle powerhouse. Wilson engineers combined an oversize head shape design with a slightly heavier weight profile. The result is a paddle that delivers raw power shot after shot. Let your game do the talking. Speak softly and carry a Big Stick.

• Basalt
• No Grit Zone
• Killer GritTM
• Cutting Edge Construction
• Sharp Hole Technology
• Bottle Opener

GRIP: 4.25
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Wilson Juice Lite
Wilson Juice Lite The Wilson Juice Lite platform tennis paddle is 10 grams lighter than the regular Juice for a great mixture of maneuverability and control. BLX Technology gives you the enhanced feel and strength needed to play the game at a high level. An exceptionally comfortable No Grit Zone protects your fingers from grit irritation so you can play harder and safer.

BLX Technology delivers a clean feedback for the perfect feel
Basalt Fibers are woven with [K]arophite Black filtering unwanted frequency and delivering a clean feedback with better sensation
Sharp Hole Technology features an advanced hole drilling process providing increased bite on all your hits
Killer Grit Technology is the increased amount of grit on the paddle surface giving you increased control and feel

Weight 370g
Density Lite
Head Size: 516 cm / 80 sq in
Grip: 4 1/4" and 4 1/2"
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Wilson Juice Pro
Wilson Juice Pro Attention advanced playersl Wilson presents the new Juice Pro. the platform paddle you've been asking for. Engineered with our exclusive Pro Density foam. the Juice Pro plays slightly heavier at 385 grams for a rock solid feeL The control is incredible. The accuracy is pinpoint Step up to the new Juice Pro... before your opponent does.

• Basalt
• Pro Foam
• No Grit Zone
• Killer Grit
• Cutting Edge Construction
• Sharp Hole Technology
GRIP:4.25 or4.5