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Maverik Tactic Tactic head custom strung with Jimalax/Hero 2.0 or String King semisoft mesh on a 30" Maverik Range Shaft.
Tactic head meets NFHS and NCAA specifications.
Range shaft is a 30" alloy 7000 grade shaft
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String King Legend Jr
String King Legend Jr Same stick as the Legend complete but with a 3/4" handle for the smaller players. This is a great stick for the 1st to 5th traders. "Small hands, small handle". Handle is 2" smaller in length and 1/3" smaller in diameter.
This stick comes in the junior, intermediate and senior. The difference between the sticks is the handle length, size and weight.
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STX Surgeon 700 with Surgeon Scandium or SCTI Shaft STX Surgeon 700 head custom strung with white STX Memory Mesh -semi hard for structure and resiliency.
Placed on an STX Surgeon SC TI shaft - light weight, great strength to weight ratio with contoured handle. Quick hands for any attackman.
Save $60.
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STX Stallion 200
STX Stallion 200 STX Stallion 200 head strung with soft mesh and placed on a 30" Shear Shaft. This shaft is 7/8" thick, so its perfect for smaller hands. Good inexpensive stick for players parents and friends.
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H4L Youth Complete with 3/4
H4L Youth Complete with 3/4" diameter shaft Custom built stick in store. We string our sticks on site and assemble the head, shaft, butt end and stringing. Great intermediate level stick at the starter stick price.
- Crook X Head
- Shear Mettle Shaft - 30" - Multiple colors
- Personally strung by Hot4Lax staff with mid pocket - it's ready to roll!
- STX rubber butt end and head spacer

Customization is available.
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String King Complete 2 INT String King Legend head strung with String King 3S mesh on a 135 gram alloy shaft. Light weight complete stick for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. This stick is good to go out of the box!