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String King Starter Jr
String King Starter Jr Same stick as the Legend complete but with a 3/4" handle for the smaller players. This is a great stick for the 1st to 5th traders. "Small hands, small handle". Handle is 2" smaller in length and 1/3" smaller in diameter.
This stick comes in the junior, intermediate and senior. The difference between the sticks is the handle length, size and weight.
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String King Starter Full stick Mark 1 head strung with String King Type 2 white mesh with an aluminum shaft.
Great all around starter stick or "parent stick" for playing in the backyard.
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Maverik Optik Description :
The Maverik Optik Alloy Complete Stick brings together our classic smooth and
lightweight alloy shaft upgraded with the trusted and highly favored Optik head. This complete setup will improve your accuracy, control and velocity.
Lightweight, traditional shape, 7000 series alloy shaft.
ABE+ Adjustable butt-end.
Strung with semi-hard mesh for ideal hold.
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Maverik Tactic
Maverik Tactic Tactic head custom strung with semisoft mesh on a 30" Maverik Range Shaft.
Tactic head meets NFHS and NCAA specifications.
Range shaft is a 30" alloy 8000 grade shaft
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String King Starter Defense This is a shower length shaft for youth lacrosse players. Shaft and head are easier to stick handle when they are as tall as the player. Great first defensive stick for individuals and teams that loan out sticks.
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STX Stallion U550 Stallion U550 strung with STX Dry Mesh on a black, white or silver SCTI Shift shaft
Intermediate level stick with great components.
Very durable stick
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STX Surgeon 700 with Surgeon SCTI Shaft STX Surgeon 700 head custom strung with white STX Memory Mesh -semi hard for structure and resiliency.
Placed on an STX Surgeon SC TI shaft - light weight, great strength to weight ratio with contoured handle. Quick hands for any attackman.
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