Growing the Nation's Oldest Game!

Hot4Lax provides indoor and outdoor lacrosse lessons, leagues and clinics for youth, high school, and adult players. We conduct individual lessons, small group training and team camps. Hot4Lax can be hired for High Interest Days at local schools. We work with all skill levels from beginners to Select players.

Robin Buckley, director of Hot4Lax, has over 30 years of experience teaching and coaching lacrosse in the Midwest and Eastcoast.

Feel free to Email Us or call us (414) 333-3049 with any questions or to schedule an event.

Rental Equipment

Lacrosse equipment can be rented by players for clinics, camps, league play and by the season. Hot4Lax has a broad array of sizes and styles of lacrosse equipment for boy's and girl's including gloves, arm pads, rib pads, shoulder pads, helmets for boy's and goggles and sticks for girl's.Some sticks are available. 
When equipment is rented, each borrower will be required to provide payment for the rental of the equipment and a security deposit in leau of the equipment not being returned on the due date. The rental equipment will be due at the end of each season rented(fall, winter, spring or summer) unless arrangements have been made to rollover the equipment to the next season. Equipment can be rented for consecutive seasons. A new rental payment is due at the time of renewal. Renters who do not return equipment by the due date or make arrangments, will forfiet their security deposit, but then they own the gear.

Since many programs are starting indoor lacrosse earlier in January and February, we are offering an extended rental peiod for January to June. The rate for this period will be less than the two rental period cost and a bit more than 1 1 /2 times the rental of one season.

Base Rate:

  • Gloves - $20
  • Arm Pads - $20
  • Shouder Pads - $30
  • Helmet - $35, $45 or $59
  • Goggles - $20
  • Rib Pads (optional) - $15
  • Goalie Chest Protector - $35
  • Stick - $25
There are no refunds of rented equipment. Packages available.

2022-3 Return Dates

  • Fall - November 16th
  • Winter - March 1st
  • Spring - June 14th 
  • Summer - August 16th

Extended Rental January to June - special pricing.
  • Full Kit - Gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, helmet
  • Boys -$135, $155 or $175
  • Girls - Goggles, stick, bag - $65

Equipment not returned by the above dates will have the security deposit applied to the equipment. 
Equipment can be rolled over to the next session for a rollover rental charge.
Equipment returned after that date will be assessed a $25 restocking fee with a rollover rental fee. A rollover fee is the rental for the next period. 
Equipment that is returned damaged,like holes or rips, will be assesed a repair cost or be kept for the security fee.

Rental equipment can be purchased
Rental gear for all programs will be available at our store in Waukesha during regular business hours weekdays and weekends. Check store hours for availabillity.

Thank you for your patronage.

Coach Buckley

Coach Buckley has been involved in the growth of lacrosse in the Milwaukee area since he moved here in 1997. One of the founding members of the Milwaukee Lacrosse Club, Milwaukee Area Youth Lacrosse Association and the Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation-Wisconsin Chapter of U.S. Lacrosse, Robin's goal is to help grow the nation's oldest sport throughout the greater Milwaukee area and Southeastern Wisconsin. Robin has been playing lacrosse since 1982 when he made the transition to lacrosse attending school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. He played three years of high school lacrosse at the Lawrenceville School and was a four-year starter at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois. Since graduating in 1989, Robin has been involved playing club lacrosse, officiating and coaching at all levels. Through his thirty-six years experience coaching youth, high school and college lacrosse, Robin invokes a solid fundamental approach to the game of lacrosse, an understanding of the history of the game and a positive experience to all the players.

"Stick skills are the key to a good lacrosse player. They should be worked on outside of practice, so you can work all the other parts of the game during practice."

Robin served as the president of the Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation, president & Executive Director of MAYLA and the Area Chairman of the US Lacrosse Men's Division Coaches Council.
He has coached at Lake Forest High School, Barrington High School, The Rectory School, University School of Milwaukee, Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and Wauwatosa High School.

Coach Buckley was recognized at the US Lacrosse Youth Awards breakfast on January 16, 2010 for his contribution to the growth of the game. "Excellence in Growing the Game" is a National award presented annually at the US Lacrosse Convention to that individual who has significantly contributed to the growth of the game at all levels.
In June 2017, Robin was inducted into the inaugural class of the Wisconsin Lacrosse Hall of Fame for 2016.

Hot4Lax Mission Statement

Hot4Lax is an organization that promotes the growth of the game of lacrosse at all levels through leagues and clinics. Our goal is to serve as the "skill development" program for individual players and teams throughout the year. Our role is to share our passion for the game and compliment regular season team's in Wisconsin. We do that through camps, clinics, leagues and equipment.

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