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Maverik Caliber
Maverik Caliber The Maverik Caliber lacrosse shaft is Maverik's strongest shaft to date! The Caliber is made of Scandium-Titanium and features military grade strength. This shaft is a favorite among midfielders and attack who are looking to play hard without worrying about the integrity of their stick. The Dual Wall Taper reinforces the center of the shaft so you can throw hard checks with confidence and the adjustable butt-end is a great extra feature. The Caliber is also the shaft of choice for 4x NCAA All American LSM CJ Costabile.
-Dual Wall Taper Technology provides reinforcement at the center of the shaft.
-Scandium-Titanium creates Military Grade strength.
-The Adjustable Butt-End, redesigned with silicone liner, adds stability.
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The new Z70 OCS handle is built for the all-around competitive player. Our lightweight Z70 alloy, paired with our Patented OCS (Optimized Cross Section) profile, provides an excellent strength to weight ratio while enhancing durability and feel. Our grit-grip finish will stand up to the test in all weather conditions.
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STX Fiber
STX Fiber New STX Fiber Attack / Midfield Performance Lacrosse Handles bring the lightweight performance of a composite handle to the intermediate player. Designed specifically for U-14 attacking or midfield players, this handle is perfect for the player just starting out or trying out a composite handle for the first time. The Fiber shaft uses a traditional O-grip with a concave octagone shape.
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STX Shift SC TI - 20% off
STX Shift SC TI - 20% off Shift Profile - innovative flip handle with two grip options. Ultra-light Sc-Ti alloy withstands intense play. Max sandblast finish for secure grip in all conditions.
Color: Platinum or Black
Strong, durable, resilient
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Under Armour 1X Strong 1X-7068 alloy provides extreme durability.

Strong scalloped shape for better grip and control.

Sandblasted finish for enhanced feel.
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Under Armour Grip
Under Armour Grip Built with new strategic diamond grip pattern that maximizes grip where you need it
Extreme scalloped profile improves strength, feel and control
Comes with new adjustable end cap
SC-Ti Pro Alloy provides extreme durability
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STX Surgeon SC-TI
STX Surgeon SC-TI Scandium and titanium shaft allows an attackman to threat the needle and and slice through opponent faster than a surgeons scalpel. Combine this shaft with a Surgeon head, the goals and assist will keep coming.
Light weight and extremely durable.
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Maverik Range
Maverik Range Made from 8000 series alloy, this shaft delivers an elite strength-to-weight ratio at an ultimate value. Featuring Maverik’s signature adjustable butt end, the ABE+.
Skill level : Beginner to Intermediate
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Gait STi90 - 30% off
Gait STi90 - 30% off Titanium shaft that will endure all. Heavy duty shaft in a moderate weight. If you break the lighter ones, this will be a real challange.
Last One!
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Maverik Wonderboy
Maverik Wonderboy The WONDER BOY has bold new graphics for the upcoming season. The long-time favorite is now anodized with an updated design for reduced weight. Designed for the all around midfielder.
9000 Series Alloy
Adjustable Butt End
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Maverik Wonder Boy Defense The Wonderboy has bold new graphics for the upcoming season. The long time favorite is now anodized with an updated design for reduced weight.

Shape: Signature
Material: 9000 Series Alloy
Grip: Matte Finish

Adjustable Butt End (ABE +):
The Adjustable Butt End is redesigned with a silicone liner for added stability.
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Gait SC55
Gait SC55 Scandium Shaft with great strength to weight ratio. Grip finish in key areas.
Old school grip.
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Maverik Mission Blank
Maverik Mission Blank The Maverik Mission Blank lacrosse shaft is the first ever, no frills super light shaft that is made especially for those that let their game do the talking. This shaft is coming in right around 5 oz. with the patented ABE butt end that lets you determine where you want you bottom hand to rest without the need for heavy tape jobs. The Maverik Blank is quickly climbing the top sellers list with those players that want the best lightweight materials without all the bling. This price point is amazing for a shaft. This shaft is lightweight, strong.
$119.99 Freight charge applies due to the weight of the item.

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Maverik Apollo The Maverick Lacrosse Apollo Attack Shaft is the lightest Maverick shaft, so you can focus on your game and excel as an offensive player. Scandium Titanium shaft is made for elite play. The Apollo is equipped with Dynamic Wall Taper Technology to place material in the areas of the shaft that see the most use and removes weight from areas that don't need extra reinforcement. The result is a shaft that is lightweight but just as strong. Maverick Speed Shape handle design with an Adjustable Butt End makes it great for offensive players that are looking for speed and a lightweight feel.
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Maverik Union
Maverik Union The Maverik Union shaft has a brand new look. Maverik used the two best materials in the game, Scandium and Titanium when building this shaft, helping to increase strength, while lowering the weight. Forged in Maverik's traditional shape (optimal strength to weight ratio) combined with the new Dynamic Wall Taper Technology this is one of the strongest shafts on the market. This process adds material in areas of the shaft that see the most abuse and trims weight. The ABE, Adjustable Butt End is great for choking up without need for tape.